11th March 2016

6 Ways To Add Scandi Style To Your Home

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Post by Wetroom Materials

1. A Designer Chair with two legs

Be the envy of all of your friends with a quirky and original chair for two. A chair does not simply have to be a chair – instead make a bold style statement with an innovative and creative design that will take centre stage in any home.

2. No shower trays and invisible Drains

Elegant contemporary bathrooms are fast becoming sought after designs. Enjoy Scandinavian-inspired indulgence in your home every day with a beautiful wet room design. Installing a Unidrain against the wall allows you to use large tiles with no grout lines and you no longer stand on the drain in the shower. The use of  invisible drains (tiled into) creates  a bright , clean, spacious and minimalist look .

3. Open Fire in your bedroom

Ensure your room is the most coveted, stylish, and cosiest room in the house. Considering that we spend a quarter of our life asleep, why not integrate the living space with the sleeping space by placing an open fire in the bedroom. Sleeping has never seemed more desirable!

4. Clutter Free

Simplicity doesn’t require making a sacrifice – make an impact with clean lines and a contemporary chic design without compromising on style. Communicate calm and order with neutral bright colours for a trendy minimalistic look.

5. A Floor Mat on a drain

Placing a drain with a mat at the door is a cleaver way to protect your floors and home from unwanted dirt . Expensive floor tiles, wood and carpets are easier to maintain and clean by this clever system called Matline. You can wash the dirt off your mat by simply pouring water on the nylon bristles.

6. Wood made from porcelain

Embrace Scandinavian inspired elegance everyday with porcelain wooden tiles. Stunning large format tiles in a variety of colours and finishes will fill every room with warmth and character. Always remaining truly immaculate means you never have to fear about the wear and tear of your beautiful wooden tiles ever again!

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