17th May 2019

Accessories That Every Wet Room Needs

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Post by Wetroom Materials

There are a multitude of big decisions that need to be made when it comes to installing a wet room. From the overall design and structural features to the type of shower and tile choice your client wants. There is so much to decide on, it can get a little overwhelming. But you know what they say, it’s the little details that make all the difference and make a space truly yours. We’ve put together a list of the top accessories every wetroom needs to finish it the right way. Provide your client with the full package and suggest key finishing touches you can install in order to make their wetroom just right for them.


Have a chat with your client to understand what the purpose of their wetroom is, and what daily tasks they’ll perform in there. Doing so will help you to understand what accessories are best for them and their daily routine. If they’re likely to do their makeup or shave in the wetroom, you could suggest installing a magnifying or makeup mirror to make this task easier. Placing this above the sink is the most practical for this type of mirror.

Perhaps instead they could opt for a larger, more statement mirror to bounce natural light around the room. Not only will this create the illusion of a larger room, but a grand mirror also helps to add a feel of elegance and luxury to the space. If there is the room available, or a spare wall, perhaps look at installing a floor to ceiling mirror, it’ll look stunning and really help give the wetroom that ‘wow’ factor.

Towel Rail & Hooks

Naturally, the main purpose of a wetroom (as the name suggests) is to get wet. But there’s nothing worse than having a relaxing shower to come out and find no dry fluffy towel waiting for you to dry off with. In order to tie in with the gorgeous Scandinavian design of your wetroom, we’re supplying the new Reframe Collection by Unidrain range of towel bars and robe hooks. These wetroom accessories are available in a range finishes to blend perfectly with the rest of the wetroom collection.

Your client can rest assured knowing that their towels and bathrobes will be hanging perfectly, waiting for them after they take a bath or shower. View our range of matching wetroom accessories here.

Toilet Paper Holder

According to a survey by Bath Store, 32% of people said their biggest pet peeve was people not replacing the toilet roll in a bathroom. We think that nobody should skip installing a toilet roll holder in their bathroom, as not only does it cause annoyance but it can leave a wetroom looking untidy and unfinished.

With our toilet paper holder, the toilet paper is held in place by a magnetic removable component to optimise friction so the paper rolls off perfectly and is easy to replace. So no breaking your back twisting and turning to reach the roll again!

Make sure you remind your client about having a spare toilet paper holder, they don’t want to be caught out. It can be embarrassing, especially if they have guests over! Our toilet roll holder even has a separate rubber element to prevent the paper roll from slipping to the side and will always stay centred, keeping your wetroom looking tidy at all times.

Soap Shelf

A soap shelf is one of those accessories that brings benefits in terms of both convenience and practicality. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Here at Wet Room Materials, we offer both corner and linear designs to fit any space, available in a range of finishes. What best suits your client? Is it perhaps our popular black brushed stainless steel linear design or a beautiful brass?

We now also offer a shower self and shower wiper in one. This unique soap shelf has hidden magnets in the wall fitting to give your shower wiper a permanent, functional and practical home.

Your client’s wetroom is their sanctuary to unwind after the day, so getting the accessories just right to create the right ambience and functionality within the room is key. Strike the right balance between aesthetics and practicality, and you’ll provide them with their dream wetroom. See our more popular wetroom accessories here or our full range in our brochure.

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