22nd August 2018

Colour In The Bathroom

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Minimalism seems to be the primary theme of the moment and it does deliver what could be described as classic design for bathrooms and wet rooms. By that we mean clean lines, minimalism, simplicity and usually very little contrast in colour.

These characteristics could be ascribed to Japanese and Scandinavian designs in equal measure, but something is subtly changing. Minimalism has been a key feature, but now subtle touches of elegant luxury are being introduced to accentuate certain components/accessories within the wet room.

Where Does A Small Splash Of Colour Work Best In A Bathroom?

Consider one extreme as an example of where we simply do not want to go – the avocado, salmon, chocolate and peach colour schemes of the 70s. Like many bold design breakthroughs, they were of their time and now look terribly dated.

White is still the preferred colour for the bathroom suite, with distinctive style being added by using clean lines in the design phase. The obvious candidates when colour is being considered are the tiles, with each surface being a potential candidate – coloured lighting is another option; but both must be executed carefully to deliver the best effect.

Bold can be an excellent design characteristic but potentially best avoided when colours are being considered. Colour is very often a subjective personal choice; what works for one person does not necessarily work for all.

Subtlety is an effective approach in all aspects of design, and there is no change here.

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