26th February 2019

How Much Does A Coloured Wet Room Cost?

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Almost anything goes with current coloured wet room trends. Now that digital tile design means that any shade, hue, or finish can be effortlessly recreated, wet rooms can shine with polished marble, glimmer with a dark onyx, or sparkle with Calanques granite.

This can add real value to an investment. However, is it all worth it?

Whatever the dream, theme, and palette, the cost is likely to be the same. The variables are the factors such as the size, the number of professionals involved in transforming the space into a wet room, and the overall complexity of the project.

Here is our guide of what to expect!

It’s About Desirability

At least, that’s according to Ideal Homes magazine, which names wet rooms the “must have” desirable trend of 2019. Their article states that most coloured wet rooms cost between £5,000 and £10,000.

This rather lofty fee accounts for the need for professional installation, waterproofing, tiling, and under-floor heating.

However, will most wet rooms cost that much? Not necessarily.

In theory, a wet room can be achieved for much less. If you already have a waterproof space, the only real cost is the drain.

The Drains

The drainage is the important element of a wet room. Where you position the drain, and how large it is, is one of the primary financial calculations that need to be made.

For this, the crucial thing is to work with a professional who can evaluate the space. Often, the most efficient drainage requires a slight tweak here or there in order to optimise the set-up. Drains usually go against the wall. However, in some instances, rooms have subtle angles that mean that a central drain offers a better final result.

This might mean a difference of £50 or so, but in the long-run will result in a more complimentary wet room system for the space.


Have you noticed that porcelain tiles are starting to appear everywhere? From Harvey Nichols to Hilton Hotels, every wet room has a dazzling backdrop of atmospheric tiles.

Coloured and hued porcelain tiles are very friendly on the wallet when compared to purchasing genuine stone. They also have considerable maintenance and weight benefits that make them ideal for a range of projects, from hospitality spaces to residential refurbishments.

Speak to your bathroom provider about the best tile solution. Investing in coloured tiles can be a sensible option if you are looking for the visual wow-factor, or long-term waterproof assurance.

Ask For Advice

Wet room construction is a speciality skill. Experienced wet room providers will examine architectural plans and survey the space in order to advise on the best strategy. This might include, for example, the different types of tanking membranes that are best for the chemical properties of the water – something that only an expert will know!

Getting professional advice means making the correct decisions early on in order to save money further down the line.

Our Opinion?

If you’re interested in the growing trend of wet rooms – whether for their practicality, their aesthetic, or their returns value – give us a call and share your project ideas with us. We are experienced at evaluating spaces, and designing solutions that work in harmony with the building. We’ll be able to discuss the pros and cons of each potential scenario, and offer advice about how to move forwards.

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