9th August 2019

How to Exceed Client Expectations

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Post by Wetroom Materials

The most successful players in business all have one thing in common; they consistently find ways to impress their clients and deliver more than what is expected of them. These traits are ingrained into their ethos which allows them to gain a competitive advantage over other businesses in their industry.

Exceeding your customers’ expectations doesn’t just lie with your products or service, but in their experience as a whole. If you leave an overall good impression, you’ll not only build strong customer relationships but will encourage loyalty, repurchasing and referrals.

So what does it take to exceed expectations and outshine your competitors?

Quality First

You should see quality as a single, non-negotiable goal. This all-important rule should not be sacrificed to hit targets or save costs, because your long-term reputation can end up in the firing line.

Good design and calculations are fundamental for producing efficient results. Although customers expect a prompt service, remove time as a measure of quality and concentrate on getting your product and service perfect. Your customers are more likely to be left disappointed due to poor quality products than something taking a little longer than expected.


Responsiveness makes up a huge part of your client’s experience. It’s important that they feel you have time for them, which involves being responsive to phone calls, emails and social media messages. It’s not just as simple as being easy to contact, you need to be friendly and efficient in solving customer inquiries, no matter how small. If you think you’re too busy to handle a prompt level of communication yourself, it’s good to have a friendly customer service representative or receptionist to handle it for you.

Connect with your Customers

Communication is one thing, but actually connecting with your customers is the secret to creating an ongoing relationship. Being more personal creates and strengthens the bond with your clients. Rather than going in talking about your product or service, go in and ask them questions about them, their visions and ideas. Practice more of a conversational and consultative approach instead of hard selling, so clients understand your intentions are pure.

Show your Appreciation

Lack of appreciation is one of the biggest causes of customer loss. When you show appreciation for their business, customers are more likely to repurchase and share their good experience with others. Creating a customer appreciation strategy can help you to stand out from competitors and maintain an excellent customer portfolio.

Thank your customers for choosing you with a personalised handwritten note, or go one step further and accompany the note with a small but meaningful gift. Professionalism can still be maintained, but the act of kindness goes a long way and leaves a longlasting impression.

Be Consistent

If you’re going to provide a great service, make sure you do it every time. Your clients will expect you to keep promises and continue to make them feel valued, not just for their first dealings with the company. It’s important that you also live up to the high reputation you have built for yourself, no matter how big or small the project.

Using the tips we’ve highlighted above will help you to exceed your client’s expectations when it comes to designing their wet room. Our top-quality wet room products, partnered with your excellent customer service and dedication will leave your customers more than happy.

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