13th April 2016

Inspirational bathroom must-haves that everyone is talking about!

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Frameless Glass

Minimise visual obstructions with the addition of frameless glass. Frameless glass is the perfect must have for any bathroom, especially in smaller spaces as it will give the illusion of a more open inviting space.

Frameless glass

Underfloor Heating

Add a touch of luxury with the addition of underfloor heating in your walk-in-shower. This addition not only provides extra warmth and comfort to the showering experience, but will also assist with drying the tiles in a shorter amount of time. What’s not to love about this bathroom must-have?!

Underfloor heating

Bracing Bars

The right accessories can instantly uplift your bathroom into a stylish showering space. For a super chic look, why not add a glass bracing bar across your shower area. What’s better is that it can double up as an elegant contemporary towel rail!

Bracing bars

Designer Towel Rail

Max the luxe factor with an eye-catching designer towel rail. Check out this super cool symmetrical heated towel rail by Zehnder Yucca which will be sure to add a wow factor to your bathroom! So beautiful you will hardly want to hang your towels over it!

Towel rail

Heated Mirrors

Heated mirrors are the ultimate in bathroom design and are the perfect must-have to complete your bathroom. Say goodbye to steamy mirrors and hello to a new contemporary look that will transform the way you go about daily bathroom rituals.

Heated mirrors

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