19th February 2019

The Latest Wet Room Accessories

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Post by Wetroom Materials

Now that wet rooms are the must-have feature in high-end developments and refurbishments, designers are scrambling to make the ultimate statement. This is no surprise: Unlike most areas in a property, wet rooms can have uninterrupted and uncluttered themes, so they are a blank canvass upon which interior designers can work their magic.

Manufacturers are responding to the challenge by creating an abundance of tantalising accessories that will make your wet room Instagram ready. At Wetroom Materials, we’re privileged to work on many design projects, and here are some of our favourite trending accessories.

1) Screens

Since wet rooms began to take centre stage in bespoke design projects, much attention has been paid to the screen. Current thinking is focused upon using the least intrusive screen, which has the benefit of maximising the wet room experience. When space allows, the screen can be dispensed with altogether.

However, if you want a screen, don’t shy away from opting for a large door. “Stepping in” to the atmosphere is part of the wet room experience. Many of the most visually tantalising projects that we have seen over the last year have involved large, elegant, wow-factor doors.

2) Brass

Edwardian and Victorian elegance has never fallen out of fashion. Whether completing a bespoke countryside project or adding a dash of luxury to a city property, vintage fittings always look at home in a rustic or heritage bathroom.

An understated shine when offset against naturally matte tiles, brass offers a gentle gleam that accents minimalist designs.

We’ve been interested to see that brass works well in both large and small spaces. If you are working with a very sizeable wet room enhancement project, consider continuing the brass fixture theme to screen door handles and edgings.

3) Copper

Today’s trend for copper is straight out of Shoreditch, and is strongly influenced by industrial chic. The warm, rose tones of copper make it a good partner for the current vogue for saturnine stone or concrete backdrops.

Copper is a surprisingly straightforward metal to care for. It patinas naturally over time – achieving deep hues of comfortable matte rouge – but can be brought back to a dazzling finish with a simple polish. This makes it one of the most transformative and adaptable metals to work with. Copper trims and finishes, as seen with copper wet room drains, bring out the best in wet room design.

4) Plants

One of the most popular accessories in high-end developments is a visually stunning plant. Many designers pale at the idea of leaving their clients with a high-maintenance accessory, but cloud-forest plants generally look after themselves and easily achieve the indoor-outdoor look that so many clients request.

For something simple, opt for an Aloe Vera. These have a naturally punchy expression whilst conveying their soothing qualities. For the real wow factor, Boston ferns will thrive. These can be suspended for a tumbling effect that echoes the water. Once established, they can survive for decades without the need for watering or pruning.

Just ask!

When it comes to wet rooms, there are new ideas and innovations every day. If you have a concept that you would like to bring to life, simply ask us. We’ve seen many imaginative projects and can offer advice on what has – and hasn’t – worked. Our contact details are here, and you can also download our free architect’s guide here.

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