22nd January 2019

Top Upcoming Wet Room Trends For 2019

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Now that wet rooms have established themselves as the must have luxury space, the great minds behind the design have been flaunting their talent. Making a statement has never been more interesting! 2019 looks set to be a year filled with colour, personalised expression, and subtle indulgence.

Here are some of the most inspiring trends that are coming your way, both to the hospitality industry and to the bespoke home.

It’s all about colour

Azure blue. Topaz dawn. Emerald dew. 2019 is the year where wet rooms are ready to shake off the grey hues and embrace a world of colour.

For designers, this will open a palette of opportunities. Whether the goal is sophistication, boldness, or good old fashioned fun, wet rooms are able to provide it.

Colourful accents

Splashes of colour are the order of the day for this year’s wet rooms. Innovative developments in porcelain tile technology mean that adding a dash of drama to a wet room is easily achieved.

Try accenting a shelving alcove, basin cabinet, or bath for a bold character statement.

Create a timepiece

For classic cottages and Edwardian chic, 2019 is the year that wet rooms look set to take centre stage. Now that classic tile-effect walls are available, achieving the heritage look has never been easier.

Opt for subtle hues of smoky grey infused with a dash of lilac, and set them off against timeless glossy white tiles.

The at-home spa

Sunken baths are now en vogue, and if you’ve yet to try one: do! Not only do they allow for a deeper and more luxurious bathing experience, they also tone with the natural lines of the wet room.

Our Greek and Roman ancestors were fans of stepping down into a pool of delicately lit and welcoming water rather than clambering over a two-foot high free-standing bath, and 2019 is the year that wet rooms are finally rediscovering that fundamental beauty.

Squeezing into spaces

Are you one of the many whose bathroom projects result in an awkward, unwieldy space? Throughout the last year, wet room innovation has been focused upon optimising light and space.

Slimline cabinets, discrete storage, and bright, light-reflecting tiles are all the order of the day. Replacing cumbersome baths with walk-in shower spaces and recessed lighting are all set to maximise the potential of any bathroom space.

The natural look

Matte finish is taking the wet room world by storm. Some porcelain finishes refract light in a soft, smudgy, non-abrasive hue that is perfect for early mornings and late nights.

With the correct lighting, muted tones can instantly transform the wet room space into a gentle, comfortable, welcoming relief from the stresses of the day.

Look for charcoal or orchid tones, and blend with a splash of natural green.

The marble effect

Yes… it’s back! In truth, stone wet rooms have never slipped out of fashion. However, the ultimate statement of glamour is now available to all, courtesy of dynamic innovation in the realm of tile design.

Whether your vibe is glitzy marble, brooding granite, or deepest onyx, a wide range of stone inspired textures and hues are coming your way in 2019.

Natural stone is ideal for larger wet room spaces, and enhances the inside-outside concept for that natural, refreshing experience.

A year to look forward to

2019 is the year where the wet room is set to take centre stage. From vibrant colours to natural textures and tones, the bathroom looks set to reclaim its historic role as the centre of the home.

If you want to delve into some inspiration, get in touch! Or, you can download our free e-book, which is packed with information about how to take your wet room project to the next level.

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