25th March 2015

Choosing A Walk-In Shower - Wetroom Materials

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Walk-In-Showers, also known as Wet Rooms, are a must have for any contemporary bathroom while the traditional shower tray is fast becoming a thing of the past.

A wet room design allows you to have a level floor access environment with a completely tiled surface which creates a modern minimalist look and feel to the bathroom. In effect, you are not restricted to shower tray sizes.

While walk in showers are relatively new to this part of the world, they have been in Scandinavia for over 100 years. The finished style of a walk-in-shower can vary considerably depending on the size of the room, the drain and the shower screen that is used.


Wet Room Materials offer a wide range of wet room systems that will allow you to create the perfect walk-in-shower. Our patented Unidrain Wall Mounted Drain allows you to create a wet room with one slope, use large tiles and you no longer have to stand on the drain while in the shower. For a chic stylish look, the drain can be tiled into, making it almost completely invisible.


We are proud to say that our linear drains are BBA approved. This means that they meet industry standard and regulation. Our BBA approval ensures that our products reach a high level of excellence and superiority.

You can also avail of our nationwide Installation Service. We specialise in unique wet room foundations created to suit your floor construction and bathroom layout along with a 10 year no-leak guarantee.

If floor depth is an issue, we offer Low Profile outlets that require a building depth of just 64mm. A mechanical anti-odour trap ensures that no foul smells come through the building due to lack of use.

It is important to create the slope to the drain by using a screed (such as LIP 226 wet room screed) or a preformed tray that is designed for this purpose as well as using a tanking membrane that is approved to work on the metal flanges of the drain. A slope should never be created using tile adhesive. Tile adhesive as is not waterproof. Create the slope and then waterproof the wet area. Use a construction glue to fill gaps prior to waterproofing (LIP Construction glue).

Wet Room Materials have a superior range of screeds and membranes from our Danish supplier, LIP. They have been independently tested and approved for low emission and durability.

Our Unislope 1K range allows you to create a wet room on a wooden floor with one slope. Our Unislope 1K, 2K and 4K kits consist of the drain, a preformed plastic slope and waterproofing membrane.

Our Glassline system ensures level floor access is easily achievable. It is an integrated and secure system which provides you with a template to create the perfect slope together with a rail and a profile for the glass screen.

Matline is an innovative clever design which minimises excess dirt from entering the home. This system, which can be installed into an existing drainage system, is suitable for installation in utility rooms, boot rooms and kitchens.

Check out our Gallery for some wet room inspirational ideas or take a look at our Installation Videos which demonstrate how our products are installed.

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