5th November 2020

The Complete Guide To Wetroom Kits

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Wetroom Kits

Installing a wetroom in your home or commercial property is becoming a popular trend. They offer many benefits to your property such as saving space, offering easy access and can even add value. Choosing the right wet room kit for your needs can be a confusing process. In this article, we break down each of the wetroom kits we offer and explain the key features of each one. Whatever your taste and preference you will be able to find the perfect wetroom kits and trays that will achieve a stunning finish for your project.

What do you receive in a wetroom kit?

We offer a wide range of premium wet room kits that can include a wet room drain kit, slope and waterproofing kit. Our wetroom kits offer a high-quality finish and are made to last, they consist of a collection of premium Scandinavian products. Each of our complete wetroom kits contain:

  • Your choice of drain, including pipework connections
  • A preformed slope to create the perfect gradient
  • Waterproof membrane and sealant tape

Types of wetroom kit

1k UniSlope kits – in this wetroom kit the drain is positioned against the wall for a concealed style.

  • The catchment area for the water is greater
  • The slope length is shorter
  • The glass sits on a level floor
  • It is ideal for large tiles
  • You don’t have to stand on the drain whilst showering

1k unislope drain, Wetroom Kits

2k UniSlope kits – this kit is a corner drainage solution perfect for smaller spaces, or quadrant showers

  • The drain sits in the corner
  • It is ideal for small tiles
  • The preformed tray is level on the outer edge
  • You don’t have to stand on the drain whilst using the shower

2k unislope drain, wetroom kits

3k UniSlope kits – this wetroom kit features an off-set line drain

  • The preformed tray is level on all four sides
  • There is greater flexibility in placing the drain between joists
  • This wetroom kit is ideal for small tiles

3k unislope drain, wetroom kits

4k UniSlope kits – this wetroom kit contains central linear drainage. 

  • It is ideal for small tiles
  • Our preformed board creates the perfect slope for perfect drainage
  • The kit provides greater flexibility in placing the drain between joists

4k unislope drain, wetroom kits

Glassline kit – A minimal, elegant solution that incorporate linear wall mounted drainage and sleek glass shower screens which are 100% watertight.

glassline kit, wetroom kits

All of our wetroom kits have been created to accommodate a range of different styles and to fit different sized areas. We have kits for small rooms and also for large walk in showers. Take a look through our wetroom kits to find the best to fit your design brief and taste. Get in touch with our team if you need any help finding the right kit for you!

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