4th June 2020

WM are Covid Secure! Find out how you can be

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Safety Against C0vid 19 For Your Business

Since the effects of Covid 19, many businesses have been forced to ‘shut up shop’ or at least work at a decreased level of productivity. We are now seeing progress in suppressing the virus, and the R number slowly decrease; restrictions are becoming less tight and businesses are planning their transition back into the market. Before businesses can get ‘back to normal’ and open to the public, they must ensure they are ‘Covid Secure’ by applying the government guidelines and take into consideration the WHO regulations. For more information on this see our blog post ‘Hand Sanitiser Government Guidelines for Businesses’.

WM are Covid Secure

As businesses begin to re-open they need to make sure they are Covid Secure! There has been an increased effort to ensure their workspace is compliant with government recommendations by introducing hand hygiene stations and employee / customer procedures.

Due to the increased demand from our customers for sanitiser and hand hygiene products, WM have made the decision to develop SharpHygiene to supply Hand Hygiene Stations to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. As well as ourselves operating within a safe environment and adopting the government guidelines on working safely during coronavirus; ensuring that our products will not carry or transmit any harmful viruses; we want to ensure that all businesses across the UK an Ireland are operating in this safe and controlled manner.



SharpHygiene have created a highly visible Free Standing and Wall Mounted Hand Hygiene Station which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our Hygiene Stations are developed In-line with government guidelines to make your business Covid Secure and protect your customers, employees and business from potential virus outbreaks. The striking design attracts attention to maximise usage and incorporates user information to comply with section 5.3 of UK government’s Hygiene: handwashing, sanitation facilities and toilets guidelines. Both stations are anti-tamper protected and require a key to open the dispenser.

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