The Reframe Collection has been designed for beauty and luxury, as well as functionality. Each product has been designed with innovative, unique and intelligent features to improve usability. The collection is reframing the existing, bringing new functionality into the common bathroom accessory.

Soap Shelf and Shower Wiper

To remove streaks and keep your shower screen gleaming, there is a shower wiper on hand at all times. The tool is magnetically attached to the soap shelf to give it a functional and practical home.

Corner Soap Shelf

A beautiful streamline adjustable Soap Shelf which is designed to be installed in the corner of your shower.

Shower Wiper

Minimalism and luxury combined. The Shower Wiper is magnetically held against the wall and has high quality bumpers on all edges to protect your tiles and glass from scratches or marks.

Toilet Brush – Floor and Wall Mounted

Toilet brushes have never been more hygienic or more stylish. The brush head is designed to collect as little water and paper as possible, thus reducing unwanted dripping of toilet water.

Toilet Paper Holder

Inspired by pure lines to bring luxury to your bathroom. The toilet roll is held in place with a removable part which is optimised in terms of friction so the paper rolls off perfectly.

Towel Bar

Harmonises perfectly with the rest of the collection and ensures that even your softest and airiest towels always hand perfectly. It has a unique bracket to ensure that the rail is firmly fitted to the wall.

Towel Hooks

Two elegant and stylish hooks to hold your towels firmly in place. The design of the hooks has been carefully thought out, and the perfect vertical shape ensures that the towels cannot fall off.

This beautiful collection comes in brushed steel, polished steel, brass, copper and black; making it a luxurious series to complement any wet room design.

Reframe Soap Shelves

Shower Shelf and Shower Wiper

Unique Soap Shelf with hidden magnets in the wall fitting to give your shower wiper a permanent, functional and practical home.

Corner Shelf

A beautiful streamline adjustable Soap Shelf which is designed to be installed in the corner of your shower.

The Reframe Collection 

The Reframe Collection is an exclusive and unique series of bathroom accessories grounded in Scandinavian design and quality. The Reframe collection is reframing the existing and give new functionality into bathroom accessories. Five colour options give you the possibility of matching all metal details conveying a subtle feeling of luxury. The colours are also available as wet room drain finishes to complete the look, see our UniSlope and Unidrain range for more information.

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