• Wet Room Installation Kit
  • Freedom to create fall bespoke to your wet room
  • Works from 2mm to any required thickness
  • Easy wet room installation process
  • Fast Drying – Retains slope after 30 minutes and can be walked on after 2 hours
  • EC1 Plus approved
  • Very low emissions and CO2 neutral manufacturing
  • Tested and approved by our waterproofing installation service which provides a 10 year no leak guarantee
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • 20kg bag
  • Complete range of wet room installation products available – Guarantee compatibility and use materials designed for wet rooms

LIP 226 Wetroom Screed

LIP 226 Wet Room Screed is used to create the falls in the wet room floor. It allows you to create a bespoke design for your wet room to the desired size and gradient and is a vital part of fitting a wet room. It is a cement based (CT-C30-F7) fibre reinforced screed making it a perfect solution for fitting a wet room. LIP 226 can work from only 2mm thick which is required when screeding to a wet room drain. LIP 226 is compatible with underfloor heating and is EC1 Plus approved for very low emissions.

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