12th February 2020

How to Choose a Toilet for Your Wet Room

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Post by Wetroom Materials

Unless you’ve been previously involved with a bathroom renovation, you may be unaware of the various different types of toilets that are out there. Toilets come in all shapes and sizes, and in both traditional and contemporary styles, which can make choosing the right toilet for your new wet room a trickier task than first anticipated. Whilst it’s perhaps not as exciting as deciding on your wetroom accessories, or tiles; choosing the right toilet to suit your needs is key. Continue reading this post to learn the different styles of toilet available, and see how to make the best pick for your bathroom.

Types of Toilet

  • Back To Wall – As the name would suggest, this toilet is fitted against the wall directly with a concealed cistern in the wall. This style of toilet is ideal for a minimalist look, and with no outward cistern, it’s an excellent option if saving space is a priority for you.
  • Close Coupled – A close coupled toilet is where the cistern sits on top of the toilet; the pan sits on the floor, and the cistern to the wall. This type of toilet is the most common within the UK, is easy to install as there is no need for hidden plumbing work, and also comes in a range of styles to suit any wetroom.
  • Comfort Height – This style of toilet sits 4 – 5cm higher than the average toilet, making it an excellent choice for the elderly, or those with mobility issues. Similar to close coupled toilets, comfort height toilets come in a range of styles and finishes; there is no need to compromise on style!
  • Corner – If you’re working with a small room, and looking to utilise every inch of space available – the corner toilet could be an excellent option for you. This toilet has a triangular-shaped cistern which is designed to fit perfectly into the corner of the room. No wasted space with this option!
  • High Level – If you have more of a traditional style, the high-level toilet might be the perfect fit for you. This toilet features a cistern fitted at a high level on the wall, and is connected to the toilet pan by a long pipe. This isn’t the best fit for small bathrooms, but if you’ve got the space available can really create an authentic statement.
  • Low Level – On the other hand, low-level toilets can be the answer to your traditional style dreams if you’re working with limited space. This toilet comes with a low level cistern, connected to the toilet with a similar connection pipe. No need to worry about mounting a high level cistern with this style!
  • Short Projection – Whether you’re looking for a toilet for a small bathroom, or you simply want to create a minimalist, clutter-free environment; the short projection is a great option. Short projection toilets don’t come out as far as stand toilets, meaning that they take up less floor space, and overall are much cleaner.
  • Wall Hung – Wall hung toilets are mounted to the wall, meaning that they take up less space, and help to create a minimal vibe, with the cistern concealed within the wall. Alike the above, wall hung toilets are an excellent fit for small wet rooms.

Choosing a Toilet for Small Spaces

One of the benefits of wetrooms is that they can work in pretty much any space, in the past we’ve even installed wetrooms underneath someone’s stairs! However, when you are working with limited space, it’s even more important that the space is fully functional and uses every inch of floor space effectively. After deciding the optimal position for your toilet, the next big decision is which toilet will be the best for you. Some of the best options for small wet room toilets include:

  • Back to Wall,
  • Corner,
  • Low Level,
  • Short Projection; and
  • Wall Hung.

Choosing a Toilet to suit your style

Just as there are toilets that suit both small and larger spaces, there are toilets to fit almost any style of wet room or bathroom! If a traditional finish is more your style, opt for a high level, low level or close coupled toilet. High-level toilets give off an air of authenticity, but if you don’t have space available, a low-level toilet is just as suited.

Is minimalism more your thing? Wall hung, short projection and back to wall toilets are the right fit for you. These styles of toilet take up as little space as possible and feature hidden plumbing work; creating seamless lines, and clutter-free spaces. If being as environmentally friendly possible is important to you, look for a high-efficiency toilet (HET) to save water.

If you require some more advice on choosing a toilet that’s the best fit for your wet room, our team can help!

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