Wet Room Drains

A collection of stylish wet room drains provided in a variety of opulent finishes.

Browse our collection of luxury wet room drains for the finishing touch to your home wet room project.

One of the most important decisions in any wet room project is choosing an appropriate drain that doesn’t compromise on style or, more importantly, quality. Making the wrong choice can lead to costly drainage problems, leakages, and an unusable wet room.

We offer a range of premium wet room shower drains to prevent such problems from occurring in your wet room. From wall-mounted drains to bespoke gullies and drains, you will find your high-quality draining solution here at WM | Wetroom Materials.

Linear Wet Room Drains

Linear drains perfect for lining a shower or for use against a wall. Available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your client's style.
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Coloured Wetroom Drains

Because adding a splash of colour can add so much to a room! Our coloured drains come in black, brass, stainless steel, nickel, copper, and tile textured.
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Square Wet Room Drains

Choose from a selection of minimalist grates and PVD-coated coloured panels, as well as a variety of tile insert options to find the perfect addition to your wet room project.
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Corner Wet Room Drains

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Centre Wet Room Drains

These suitable alternatives to wall-mounted drains allow the freedom to place your drain anywhere within your wet room floor without having to worry about drainage and piping solutions.
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Bespoke Wet Room Drains

Don't see what your client is looking for here? Well, you’re in luck. We not only offer the drain standard drain designs listed here, but we also offer bespoke drain for custom flooring. Get in touch and we can have a turnaround for you in just one week!
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Wet Room Shallow Drains

Shallow drains are perfect for use when there is a shallow floor depth. Our shallow drains offer the style and functionality of our other drains while taking up less vertical space. Perfect for apartment buildings and luxury hotels.
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Our Unidrain Matline drainage mats are an intelligent drainage tile and matting system that ensures that all mud, dirt and water are automatically drained away as you're entering your home.
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What is included with our wet room drains?

All of our wet room drains come included with the necessary drains, grates, and outlets to install in your new wet room with ease.

Whether you’re looking for wall-mounted drains, linear drains, or high-capacity drains, our collection will come with all of the fittings, connections, and water seals to ensure your wet room is ready to install.

If you’re in the market for a wet room kit, then we also offer those. Complete with everything you need to install a full wet room.

If you require a different size or shape outlet than the default that is provided, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your solutions.

What brands do you stock?

  • UniDrain

Available in our Linear Wet Room Drains, Square Wet Room Drains, Wet Room Corner Drains, Vinyl Drains, and Centre Drains collections. UniDrain wet room drains are an excellent choice of Scandinavian style for people looking to add a premium finish to their wet rooms. These drains are available with a range of different-sized drain outlets to accommodate wet rooms with less floor depth and are supplied in a variety of finishes and styles.

  • SharpDrain

Available in our Linear Wet Room Drains, Square Wet Room Drains, and Vinyl Drains collection. SharpDrain wet room drains are designed with versatility in mind, making them perfect for low-profile wet rooms, and concrete and wood floors, without compromising on style. With tile inserts, panels, and stainless steel options, you can opt for more blushing colours to complement your wet room or stick with traditional tones for that sleek, professional look.

  • AptLine

Available in our Linear Wet Room Drains collection. The AptLine Linear is a unique system that provides maximum flexibility for your wet room. The outlet can be offset, height adjusted and rotated 360 degrees in order to suit your wet room needs.

  • Pourflex

Available in our Linear Wet Room Drains collection. The Pourflex Linear Drain is specifically designed for poured floors. Its innovative design caters to the needs of poured floors and can be altered to suit the height and thickness of your flooring.

What types of wet room drains do you offer?

We offer a variety of wet room gullies to suit a range of wet room styles. Whether you’re looking to implement a classic style with a grated wall-mounted wet room drain or add a splash of colour to your wet room, our collection of wet room drains is sure to provide you with the inspiration needed to make the perfect wet room.

Our range of wet room drains includes:

Do you stock coloured wet room drains?

Here at WM | Wetroom Materials, we understand that a traditional style isn’t for everybody. Our selection of coloured wet room drains and wet room drains with coloured frames adds a pop of colour to even the most sophisticated of wet rooms:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Black
  • Nickel Bronze
  • Stainless steel

High capacity drains

We don’t just pride ourselves on style. We understand how important it is that your drains are suitable for all of your needs. With drains able to process up to 102l/m, our high-capacity wet room drains are ideal for larger wet rooms and wet rooms with multiple showers to ensure that no blockage or problems occur whilst draining.

We are able to provide wet room floor drains suitable for a full range of different project requirements, with many of our wet room shower drains being able to provide high-capacity drainage if your project requires it.

Low-profile wet room drains

Our low-profile wet room drains allow you to install the ideal drain in smaller spaces. If the wet room you’re designing or installing does not accommodate deeper drains, then look no further than our collection of low-profile wet room drains.

If you’re struggling with low floor depth for your wet room project, our low-profile drains are perfect for when you’re looking to make the most of every inch of space.

Why should you buy your wet room kits from WM | Wetroom Materials?

Not only are all of our drain products built to the highest standards, but they are also designed with luxury in mind so that your wet room design remains both functional and stylish for years to come. Made with professional designers in mind, our benefits exceed that of our competitors, including:

  • Over 15 years of specialised wet room expertise.
  • Building standards regulations.
  • Versatile designs to suit any wet room.
  • Accredited and assured.

Take a look at the different options available in our drain collections and see which designs match your client’s brief.

Alternatively, if you’d like tailored advice based on your work and clients’ requirements, please get in touch today.

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