Centre Wet Room Drains

These suitable alternatives to wall-mounted drains allow the freedom to place your drain anywhere within your wet room floor without having to worry about drainage and piping solutions.

What is the difference between a centre drain and a wall-mounted drain?

A centre wet room drain, also known as a free-placement wet room drain, can be placed almost anywhere within the recess of the wet room floor. With many options available for level-access flooring for wheelchair accessibility, centre drains are ideal for a variety of situations.

Compared to a wall-mounted drain, centre drains do not need to be placed near the wall. Instead, they can be installed almost anywhere within the wet room floor to suit the particular need of your wet room project.

Whether you’re designing a wet room floor that slopes towards the middle, or if you are looking to prevent the buildup of water around the wet room drain, centre drains are the perfect solution. 

What type of centre drains are available?

  • UniDrain Centre Drains

The UniDrain Linear Centre drains collection, provided in a range of styles and finishes, is the perfect alternative to wall-mounted drains. These linear drains grant you the freedom and versatility to place your new drain anywhere away from the wall without compromising on the functionality of your wet room project.

Available with PVD-coated coloured panels, stainless steel grates or tiled inserts, these high-capacity centre drains are the perfect addition to any wet room looking to instil a sense of elegance and beauty.

Also ideal for level-access flooring for wheelchair accessibility.

  • Wetroom Materials Centre Drain

Provided by us here at Wetroom Materials, our elegant yet affordable square centre wet room drain is perfect for any style of wet room project. With tiled grates, PVD-coated options, and tile inserts available you have a vast selection of choices to implement into your new wet room. 

Available in both 59mm and 76mm options, the Wetroom Materials Centre Drain is suitable for shallow wet room floors. If your project allows for it, a vertical drain outlet is available with coloured panel options to suit your wet room design.

Why should you buy your wet room centre drains from Wetroom Materials?

All of our products in our range of centre wet room drains are built to the highest quality to provide efficient and stunning solutions for any bathroom. Here at Wetroom Materials, our professional team understand what makes a wet room work for you, and we are always on hand to provide professional support and advice.

  • Over 15 years of specialised experience.
  • All centre drains comply with worldwide building standards.
  • Our drains are designed to bring efficient functionality and style to any shower room.
  • We hold numerous accreditations.

Take a look at the different options available in our collections and see which package matches your client’s brief.

Alternatively, if you’d like tailored advice, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

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