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Regular wet room cleaning and wet room maintenance is essential for not only the look of you wet room, but also performance and longevity.

Our range of wet room materials and wet room kits are manufactured to the highest quality and finest specifications. The key to maintaining a wet room that lasts a lifetime is through regular wet room cleaning and wet room maintenance. If you are wondering how to clean your wet room, read our Wet Room Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

Are wet rooms hard to keep clean?

Wet room cleaning is a much easier task than cleaning a traditional bathroom, although it is very similar. Wet rooms tend to be clutter free, with less areas for mould and bacteria to grow. Wet rooms allow more room for you to move around and clean the floor and corners; the room is waterproofed and tanked so can apply products, and wash away.

How do I keep my wetroom clean?

Cleaning your wet room weekly with our special wet room cleaning kit will help to prevent mould and grime buildup. If you would like our advice on how to clean and wet room maintenance, you can read our guide.

How do I prevent mould growth in my wet room?

The most common reasons for mould growth in your wetroom are water leaks (generally from leaking pipes), insufficient tanking and also as a result of excess condensation. In order to prevent it, you need to not only make sure that the room is tanked and waterproofed correctly, but you need to keep up with the wet room maintenance including regular cleaning. Read out blog on how to prevent mould growth for more information.

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