Wet Room Cleaning & Maintenance Products

A collection of premium cleaning & maintenance equipment to keep your wet room at its peak aesthetic and functionality.

Browse our range of top-quality wet room cleaning products to help you keep your wet room looking as clean and fresh as the day it was installed. With a variety of professional cleaning products and solutions – from drain hooks for easy grate and trap removal to cleaning kits for polishing and finish maintenance, you will find all you need to look after your wet room here at WM | Wetroom Materials.

Cleaning Hook

Includes: Cleaning Hook
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Wet Room Drain Strainers

Wet Room Drain Strainers for easy cleaning and maintenance of your wet room drain.
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Wet Room Cleaning & Maintenance Kit

Includes: Cleaning hook Drain strainer Cleaner to remove lime scale and grease Polish Paste to treat chrome, stainless steel, tiles,…
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Why is it important to clean a wet room drain?

Wet rooms require regular cleaning and maintenance for a variety of reasons, including bacteria prevention, blockage prevention, and pipe and trap maintenance. With the correct tools and products, you can stay on top of your wet room drains quality and integrity and ensure that your shower room stays clean and functional for many years to come.

Are wet rooms hard to keep clean?

Wet room cleaning is a much easier task than cleaning a traditional bathroom, although it is very similar. Wet rooms tend to be clutter free, with less areas for mould and bacteria to grow. Wet rooms allow more room for you to move around and clean the floor and corners; the room is waterproofed and tanked so can apply products, and wash away.

How do I prevent mould growth in my wet room?

The most common reasons for mould growth in your wetroom are water leaks (generally from leaking pipes), insufficient tanking and also as a result of excess condensation. In order to prevent it, you need to not only make sure that the room is tanked and waterproofed correctly, but you need to keep up with the wet room maintenance including regular cleaning. Read out blog on how to prevent mould growth for more information.

Why should you buy your cleaning & maintenance products from WM | Wetroom Materials?

Our range of cleaning and maintenance products has been selected by the professionals here at WM to grant you everything you need to take hold of your wet room maintenance. With eco-friendly solutions and easy-to-use tools, we understand exactly what it takes to keep your wet room in its best condition.

  • Over 15 years of specialised experience.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Natural-tile friendly
  • We hold numerous accreditations.

Take a look at the cleaning and maintenance options we have here at WM | Wetroom Materials. Alternatively, if you’d like tailored advice, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

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