Wetroom Installation Products

Wet room installation materials designed for professionals when fitting a wet room; waterproofing, tile adhesive, screed and more.

Arguably the most important step in any wet room project is the wet room installation. If carried out incorrectly, wet room installation can lead to a poor finish, and even worse, leaks and costly water damage. Partner with a wet room specialist for your wet room installation materials, and ensure only the highest quality products when fitting a wet room.

LIP Wetroom Adhesive

LIP Wet Room Tile Adhesive is designed to not degrade when submerged in water making it perfect for wet rooms…
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LIP Transparent Silicone

LIP Transparent Silicone is a high elasticity sealant designed for wet room installation and bathrooms to seal major joints once…
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LIP PureStep Decoupling & Acoustic Mat

LIP PureStep Decoupling & Acoustic Mat is designed to protect against tile movement and cracking by neutralising tension from the…
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LIP VS30 Waterproofing Kit

LIP VS30 is an easy to apply, paint on liquid membrane for waterproofing / tanking rooms. There are two kit…
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LIP Construction Glue

LIP Construction Glue is a fast curing and flexible glue / adhesive which is water resistant making it perfect for…
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LIP 226 Wetroom Screed

LIP 226 Wet Room Screed is used to create the falls in the wet room floor. It allows you to…
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Installation Kit For Wet Rooms

Our Wetroom Installation Kit comprises of key materials which are required for wet room foundation installations, providing you compatibility with…
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What is involved in the wet room installation process?

Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, our qualified wet room team are able to specify the best products to meet your project requirements. Before you undertake any installation contact our wet room experts to discuss your project requirements.

The process itself involves selecting a wet room drain that works for your floor and in the design style required, then coupling this with the correct materials to recreate your slope on site.  Our team will advise you on the areas that require waterproofing and take you through the process step by step.  Rest assured that our CCL customer careline team will be happy to assist you with any advice, problems or queries you may have during the installation process.  If you are concerned with wet room installation, you can take advantage of our waterproofing wet room installation service.  Our team of installers are fully trained in fitting wet rooms and every installation comes with a 10 year no-leak guarantee.

What is included in the wet room installation kit?

We’ve put together the ultimate wet room installation kit, designed for professionals when fitting a wet room.

The kit contains:

  • 20kg Wet Room Adhesive
  • Two Internal Corner Pieces
  • Construction Glue
  • Transparent Silicone

These products are suitable for one room and are compatible with our range of wet room kits and wetroom drains.

Are these products for wet room specialists and professionals?

Yes. Our products are in line with the highest standards and have been designed for professional use.

What are the benefits of using a liquid tanking kit membrane?

  • The tanking kit is ideal for waterproofing / tanking rooms and providing watertight protection. You can be confident that no troublesome leaks will crop up!
  • The tanking kit is applied through an easy paint on process and dries as a continuous protective layer.
  • The liquid tanking kit membrane is designed to be highly flexible and has a higher weight-bearing ability, allowing it to move with the building without cracking.
  • The membrane is able to bond to all common building materials e.g. wood, concrete, screed, plaster, plasterboard, cementitious boards, metal, plastic etc.

Can Wet Room Materials carry out the wet room installation for my project?

Absolutely. Our wet room installation experts are Danish trained, this means that for every project, we can guarantee a high quality and professional finish. From creating slopes, to installing drains and fitting a wet room tray. No project is too big or too small for our team.

If you’re looking for some wet room design inspiration – we can help with that too. Looking for a local wet room installer to get started? Look no further than us.

Do your wetroom products protect against leaks?

Yes! All products are guaranteed to work together as a system and come with their own warranty.  Our product range is tested and approved by our waterproofing wet room installation service which provides a 10 year no-leak guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.

What materials are these wet room fitting products suitable for use with?

Our fitting products can bond to all common building materials including:

  • Cementitious boards
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Natural stone
  • Plaster
  • Plasterboard
  • Plastic
  • Screed
  • Tiles
  • Water-based paints
  • Wood etc.

What is the best flooring for a wet room?

When it comes to wet room flooring installation, a tiled floor is a perfect choice for any wet room, big or small. We’d recommend porcelain, natural stone or mosaic tiles over ceramic tiles.

However, the best flooring depends on your project requirements and drainage type. For example, mosaic tiling is very popular and works perfectly well with conventional square drainage. When using a linear drain, more thought has to be made in terms of what drain finishes are compatible with the fragile tile edges and grout.  Looking to use vinyl or a resin floor?  Our Linear and Square Vinyl drains and our Pourflex drain are the perfect choice.

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