• 100% waterproof
  • Can bond to all common building materials e.g. wood, concrete, screed, plaster, plasterboard, cementitious boards, metal, plastic etc.
  • Easy installation process
  • High flexibility allows for building movement
  • Tested and approved by our waterproofing installation service which provides a 10 year no leak guarantee
  • ETAG and EC1 Plus approved
  • Very low emissions and CO2 neutral manufacturing
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • All materials required in one kit
  • Complete range of wet room installation products available – Guarantee compatibility and use materials designed for wet rooms
  • Recommended for use in wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and more

All wet rooms should be waterproofed and we recommend that bathrooms, WCs, utility rooms etc. should be waterproofed to prevent your property against any leaks. We recommend rooms have full waterproofing on the floor and at least 100mm up all walls. Around showers / baths with shower the walls should be fully tanking above the shower head. For baths without showers, we recommend tanking 500mm higher than the bath height.

We recommend that SharpBoard is applied to walls and floor prior to waterproofing, this can be screwed into place or adhesive can be used. SharpBoard is a tile backer board which is designed to be the perfect substrate for tiling onto. LIP VS30 is applied onto SharpBoard, once dry we recommend using LIP Wet Room Adhesive to guarantee compatibility. To protect your tiles from cracking, LIP PureStep should be used to neutralise movement.

LIP VS30 Waterproofing Kit

LIP VS30 is an easy to apply, paint on liquid membrane for waterproofing / tanking rooms. There are two kit sizes available, 12kg with 7-8m2 coverage and 3kg kit which covers 1.75 – 2m2. Included in the kit is liquid membrane, primer and reinforcement tape (preformed corner pieces available separately and faster installation). Installation of the waterproofing system is an easy paint on process and dries as a continuous protective layer. The membrane is designed to be highly flexible allowing it to move with the building without cracking. LIP VS30 is ETAG 022 approved to comply with the guidelines for European technical approval and is EC1 Plus approved for very low emissions.

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