Wet Room Kits

A collection of luxurious and easy-to-install wet room kits with drain, performed boards and tanking kit.

Our wet rooms have been installed in exclusive hotels as well as luxury apartments and homes for over 20 years. Our expert designers take inspiration from the minimalist movement, merging extravagance with flexibility and high functionality.

Linear Drain Wet Room Kits

Available in various styles and colours with a high-functioning and stylish drainage system for wet rooms. A linear drain offers a sleek addition to a shower or wet room floor. This range captures waste along a wide linear surface, allowing water to easily flow into the drain. A linear drain is a great option for a discreet and efficient floor drain.
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Centre Drain Wet Room Kits

Our centre drains are designed to fit in the centre of the shower or wetroom floor. Ideal for wet rooms and showers that need a sloped surface towards the centre of the room - as opposed to the wall.
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Square Drain Wet Room Kits

Make your walk-in shower luxurious with our range of square tiled drains. Comes with a complete modern wet room kit, allowing you to create the shower of your dreams.
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Corner Drain Wet Room Kits

If your wetroom installation project needs a corner drain, then you're in the right place. These kits come with a discreet corner drain that provides a watertight seal around the wall.
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Free-Placement Wet Room Kits

A collection of free-placement wet room kits. There are few restraints when it comes to the installation of your new free-placement wet room kit, making it ideal for a variety of wet room projects.
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Wet Room Kits at WM | Wetroom Materials

Whatever style of wet room you’ve designed, you’ll find a fully functional and stunning wet room kit here. Every kit comes with the necessary materials for quick assembly and easy installation.

WM wet room kits are completely waterproof and compatible with both concrete and timber surfaces, and their incredibly low-profile capabilities make them a great option regardless of the floor depth you’re working with.

We provide a myriad of options whether you’re searching for kits that will blend in with the aesthetics of the bathroom or act as a focal point – functionality should never replace style.

If you require an accessible walk-in shower capable of manoeuvring a wheelchair, please get in touch with our team for advice and assistance.

What is included in our wet room kits?

Our wet room kits consist of a wide selection of high-quality products with minimalist designs. From shower trays and drains to tiles and panels, you’ll find everything you need to create a fully functioning shower area for your clients.

All of our wet room kits include a waterproofing membrane that’s simple to use. The easy-to-apply solvent-free paint-on liquid membrane dries as one continuous sheet that stretches and moves with the building, guaranteeing a long-lasting finish.

The waterproofing/tanking kit is an important step of the wet room installation process and should be carried out by a wet room specialist.

What type of wet room kits are available?

We stock different kits to suit all tastes and decors, including:

  • UniSlope kits

Available in our Linear Drain Wet Room Kits, Corner Drain Wet Room Kits, Square Drain Wet Room Kits, and Free Placement Wet Room Kits collections. These, as the name suggests, are slightly sloped to assist with water flow and are an excellent option to prevent puddling and water stagnation. 

These kits are available in 1k, 2k, 3k and 4k options and come with a watertight base and tanking kit. Expect a low profile (wet room flooring depth of 64mm) with high-capacity drainage.

  • UniDrain Glassline kit

Available in our Linear Drain Wet Room Kits collection, this is a fixed module that comes with a wet room shower screen, waterproofing kit and tanking kit. 

This is a great way to further divide a space without creating the illusion of a smaller bathroom.

  • SharpSlope Linear Tile Insert

You’ll find these in our Free Placement Wet Room Kits and Square Drain Wet Room Kits collections. SharpSlope kits work great with both large and small tiles and the drains are PVD-coated for a long-lasting and durable finish.

A preformed wet room shower tray, integrated drain, sealed gasket, water seal, frame & panel, tile insert, construction glue, and a wet room tanking kit are included in these kits.

  • SharpSlope Square Complete kit

This is available in our Square Drain Wet Room Kits collection and transports the drains from a required nuisance into a stunning focal point.

The gentle slope in four directions prevents water from pooling and stagnating, ensuring an easy-to-maintain wet room that remains enjoyable for years.

Wet rooms by shower area size

For larger areas, you may prefer a linear drain whereas our square or corner drains are a great option for smaller shower trays. Creating a suitable shower space within a bathroom or wet room is made easy with our range of options.

If you’re unsure what would suit your client, then please feel free to get in touch and we can help to recommend a suitable option based on the floor space your client has.

Low-profile wet room kits

Our low-profile drains allow you to create a beautiful wet room with very little floor depth. This is a great option if you’re working with luxury apartments or hotels as you can fit more wet rooms on more floors.  Just get in touch with your depth requirement and we will have a solution for you.

Wet room kits for concrete floors

The great news is that all of our kits are approved to be compatible with concrete flooring. With that said, our Linear or Free Placement ranges tend to be the most popular for installation over concrete.

Wet room kits for timber floors

All of our wet room kits are also wooden floor approved. So whether you’re working with timber floor or another wooden material, you can have complete peace of mind when installing your new wet room kit.

We recommend installing a wet room floor former as your first step. This way, all shower water will be channelled towards the drain preventing pooling or stagnation.

Why should you buy your wet room kits from WM | Wetroom Materials?

Every product in our range is built to the highest quality and designed to be a stunning addition to any bathroom. Perfect for both architects and high-end retailers, there are also additional benefits to choosing us as your wet room suppliers, including:

  • Over 20 years of specialised experience.
  • All kits comply with worldwide building standards.
  • Our kits are designed to bring new functionality into any bathroom.
  • We hold numerous accreditations.

Take a look at the different options available in our collections and see which package matches your client’s brief.

Alternatively, if you’d like tailored advice, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

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