Easy To Install Wetroom Kits

A collection of luxury and easy to install wet room kits with drain, preformed boards and tanking kit.

When it comes to designing your dream wetroom, we like to make sure you have the choice of the best quality wet room materials available. We offer a range of premium wet room kits in the UK which include a wet room drain kit, slope and waterproofing kit, with the assurance of providing exceptional results. Consisting of a collection of luxury Scandinavian products, our wet room kits offer a high-end finish and functionality, guaranteed.

Wet Room Kits with Linear Drain Against the Wall

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Wet Room Kits with Linear Drain Away from Wall

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Wet Room Kits with Square Drain

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Wet Room Kits with Corner Drain

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What is included in our wet room kits?

Our wet room kits are made up of high-quality products which will differ depending on the choice of kit. Here is an overview of the wet room materials included in each kit:

1k, 2k, 3k and 4k Unislope kits: A wet room drain, unislope board and waterproofing/tanking kit. Low profile wet room drains available in the Unislope range. Linear drain wet room kit also available.

Unidrain Glassline kit: A Glassline fixed module with a wetroom shower screen and wet room waterproofing kit/wet room tanking kit.

SharpSlope Linear Wet Room kit: A preformed wet room shower tray, integrated drain, sealed gasket, water seal, frame & panel, tile insert, construction glue, and a waterproofing kit/wetroom tanking kit.

SharpSlope Linear Complete & SharpSlope Square Complete kit: A preformed wet room tray, integrated drain, sealed gasket, water seal, frame & panel, tile insert, construction glue, waterproofing kit/wet room tanking kit, glass screen, U channel.

What type of wet room kit do I need?

Our wetroom kits are designed to accommodate a variety of styles, spaces and preferences – from large walk in shower kits to small wet room flooring kits. With our high quality wet room materials, we’re confident you’ll be able to create a perfect wet room for any client or project.

With the number of level access entry points required in mind, you can select the wet room kit that best fits your taste and design brief. Take a look at the different options above and see which wet room package you like the look of, and read the specification of each to make sure it suits your requirements.

All of our wet room kits can be used on wooden and concrete floors. Our low profile wet room drains allow you to create a beautiful wet room with very little floor depth. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team who can point you in the right direction.

Do the wet room kits include waterproofing/tanking materials?

All of our wetroom kits include a wet room sealing kit which allows for you to ensure your wet room is fully waterproof/tanked before you start tiling. This easy-to-apply paint-on liquid waterproofing membrane which dries as one continuous sheet, so you can rest assured that your wetroom is 100% waterproof. Using the tanking kit is an important step of the wet room installation kit process and should be carried out by a wet room specialist.

Do these wet room kits contain everything I need to create a wet room?

These kits provide the base to the shower area, such as the slope, tray, drain, grate, shower screen, tanking membrane. You will still need to purchase tiles, other bathroom fixtures, and accessories such as the shower head and soap shelves in order to complete your ideal wet room design. We offer a selection of luxury wet room shower accessories that can be paired with your chosen wet room kit. If you would like further advice on this, please get in touch.

How much does a wet room cost UK?

To find out more about the price of our wet room kits uk, get in touch with our team of wet room specialists. In the meantime, take a look at our blog on ‘how much do wet rooms cost’ for some further information.

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