Linear Wet Room Drains

Linear drains perfect for lining a shower or for use against a wall. Available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your client's style.

Our range of linear wet room drains comes supplied with superior drainage mechanisms and blockage prevention for an easy-to-maintain lifestyle, without compromising on your wet room aesthetic and style.

From sleek and professional stainless steel wet room drains to wall-mounted coloured drains, you will find the perfect solution here at Wetroom Materials.

Our collection of linear wet room drains features elegant designs of Scandinavian influence. With many of our options accredited for concrete and timber floor construction, we are proud to offer a variety of drainage solutions for any type of wet room.

Whether you’re looking for high-capacity drainage, low-profile drains for shallow floors or a stylish alternative to traditional wet room drains, look no further than our collection of linear wet room drains.

Unidrain Wall Mounted Linear Wet Room Drains

Unidrain Wall Mounted Linear drains are the perfect solution for wet rooms with a slope towards the wall. With an…
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Unidrain Linear Centre Wet Room Drain

A selection of freestanding centre drains brought to you by Unidrain. These linear centre drains allow you the freedom to…
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SharpDrain Linear Tile Insert Wet Room Drains

A selection of elegant and high-quality linear drains brought to you by SharpDrain. Suitable for a wide variety of wet…
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SharpDrain Linear Panel Wet Room Drains

A selection of elegant and high-quality linear panel drains brought to you by SharpDrain. Suitable for a wide variety of…
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SharpDrain Linear Tile Line Wet Room Drains

High-quality linear drains brought to you by SharpDrain. Suitable for a wide variety of wet room projects, our collection of…
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AptLine® Linear Wet Room Drain

The AptLine Linear is a unique drain channel for wet rooms that provides ultimate flexibility for both the designer and…
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PourFlex Linear Wet Room Drain

The Pourflex Linear wet room drainage system is a unique design manufactured specifically for poured floors. If the bathroom you’re…
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UniDrain Showerline Wet Room Drain

The UniDrain Showerline is a further development of the original UniDrain line. The highly functional U shape of the drain…
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Highlights of our drains

  • A range of sizes available
  • High-capacity drainage solutions
  • Low-profile drains for shallow floors
  • A selection of colours and traditional styles to provide a centrepiece to your wet room

Our linear wet room drains

  • Unidrain Wall Mounted Linear Wet Room Drains

The award-winning Unidrain Wall Mounted linear shower drain allows you to create a wet room with a one-way slope/fall towards a drain against the wall. Available in a variety of styles and finishes to complement any wet room.

  • Unidrain Linear Centre Drains

Unidrain’s freestanding wet room drain gives you the flexibility to place the linear wet room drain anywhere away from the wall. The freedom to place the wet room channel drain anywhere allows you to create level access at multiple entry points and can be considered for wheel-chair accessible wet rooms.

  • SharpDrain Linear Wet Room Drains

SharpDrain Tile Insert & Panel drains are linear low profile wet room drains that only require a 72mm floor depth, making them perfect for wet rooms that have a shallow floor depth. SharpDrain Tile Insert & Panel are available in a choice of coloured panels which can be reversed and used as a tile insert.

  • AptLine Linear

A unique wet room drain channel that provides ultimate flexibility for the wet room installer and designer. The AptLine Linear is a sturdy metal slot drain with a stainless steel panel or tiled finish that can be trimmed to size to fit your wet room shower. The height/depth can be adjusted and the outlet rotated 360° to accommodate irregular building constraints. Suitable for any type of floor.

  • Pourflex Linear

PourFlex is a unique wet room drainage system designed for poured floors such as resin, micro-cement, and Tadelakt. The Pourflex Linear wet room drain allows you to create a seamless wet room with no visible metal or grout lines for a sleek and professional look.

  • UniDrain Vinyl Classicline

Unidrain brings its award-winning design into bathrooms with vinyl flooring. The unique patented wet room drain cover and grating magnetically hold the grate into place, giving a stylish finish which is easy to remove for cleaning. 

Do I need a linear drain?

Linear drains can sit flush against the wall as a wall-mounted drain or sit away from the wall, allowing you the scope and freedom to place your drain where you desire. Linear drains are more desirable for their flush finish against or parallel to the wall. They allow you to create a one-way slope towards the wall/drain to allow for better draining, or in some cases allow level access for wheelchair-accessible wet rooms.

Do you have different outlets for linear drains?

We offer a variety of different outlet sizes for our linear drains. Whether you’re working with a shallow floor and need smaller, low-profile drains, require high-capacity drainage, or are restricted by construction decisions, we have a range of wet room drain outlets to suit your wet room needs.

Why should you buy your linear wet room drains from Wetroom Materials?

For 15 years we’ve been working alongside professional fitters and retailers to provide the highest-quality wet room materials.

Our close relationship with designers, architects and developers allows us to provide advice on wet room kits, wet room drains, and specific requirements of each project. 

Whether you’re upgrading a bathroom, replacing your wet room, or looking for additional functionality from your wet room, we here at Wetroom Materials are able to advise you every step of the way.

All of our linear wet room drains comply with worldwide building standards and are available at competitive trade prices.

Below is a list of all our accreditations and certifications, as well as some reviews from past customers.

If you’d like to know about any of the wet room drains we stock, or you would like to place an order please contact us through your preferred method, we’d love to discuss your projects.

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