20th November 2019

Wet Room Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Clients

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With the right installation, aftercare and maintenance, a wetroom can last a lifetime. This is why you should give your clients the right guidance on how to care for their new wet room because no matter how well it is installed, they can end up with unwanted problems down the line if they are not careful.

All our products and wet room kits are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, but it’s important to ensure that they fitted properly and maintained to preserve their aesthetics and functionality. Please make sure you know the steps you need to take during the installation process, as well as the aftercare steps to tell your clients, in order to maximise the longevity of their wetroom…


Wet rooms need to be appropriately ventilated during installation due to the presence of heat, water and steam – which means this is your job to ensure the wet room is fitted with an electrical extractor fan. This needs to be the right kind of fan, in the right place, ideally near the shower, but not next to an air conditioning/heat vent as it can disrupt the flow of air.

However, even the best and most perfectly installed bathroom fan can’t improve ventilation if it’s thick with grime and dust – so we would recommend that they should be cleaned at least twice a year. To do this, the client must understand that they need to shut off the electrical circuit to the bathroom so they don’t risk a shock, remove the fans cover and then use an upholstery brush or crevice tool on a vacuum to clean it.

Shower drains

Our wet room drains can cope with any amount of water you throw at them – but it’s important to take good care of them so that they work for as long as you need them to. When a shower is used, the drain can quickly fill up with soap residues and hair, which can cause the water to drain less efficiently and eventually become blocked.

All of our drains come with removable grates/tile covers for easy cleaning, as well as an internal channel which prevents stagnant water. Make sure you clean the drains periodically (we recommend every 6-8 weeks) with the right cleaning products, to prevent the build-up of dirt. Do not use abrasives or sharp scraping objects to clean your drains as this can damage the materials.

Shower screens

The shower screen should be cleaned regularly with normal domestic bathroom cleaning materials. This doesn’t just include the screen itself, but the seals, handles and edges which are likely to build up with grime and water deposits. After cleaning with chemicals, make sure to rinse with water and wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove any cleaning material, and then dry the screen with a towel to prevent new water spots.

We offer a range of innovative, unique accessories to help improve functionality and maintain your wetroom. Our Reframe Collection includes a magnetically attached soap shelf, which turns into a shower wiper, helping you keep the glass clean and streak-free.

Grout and sealant

If installed properly, grout and sealant can last a long time without worry. In wet rooms and bathrooms in particular, it’s common to get a build-up of soaps, moisture and sebum within the grouting and sealant. If this is not cleaned properly, this can encourage mould and mildew to grow and make your bathroom furniture, flooring and wall tiling look old and dirty. This needs to be cleaned regularly with bathroom cleaner.

However, on occasion, if all your grout cleaning attempts fail, or through general wear and tear the grout becomes damaged, it will need repairing. Grouting is not something that should not be ignored as it’s needed to prevent moisture from getting in between or under the tiles.


Limescale is a common problem in many households, especially in areas with hard water – which is around 60% of the UK. Over time, the limescale build-up within taps and showerheads will mean the flow of water can be made inadequate and weak.

The best way to solve this is to remove the blocked tap or pipe and clean it with limescale cleaner. This should dissolve the limescale and get the fixture working properly again.

Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

We offer a maintenance kit that comes with everything needed to look after a wet room. The kit includes a hook to lift grates/tile easily without damage, strainer, cleanser for limescale, polish, grout sealer, and cloths for the drains and glass.

To find out more about our cleaning and maintenance kit, or to download a more detailed product maintenance instruction document, visit our wetroom cleaning and maintenance kit page.

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