• Designed for wet rooms
  • Environmentally friendly with no harmful chemicals and biodegradable
  • Hook to lift the grate / tile easily and without causing any damage
  • Strainer to help keep the drain clear and is easy to wipe clean
  • Cleanser to remove lime scale and grease
  • Polish Paste treats chrome, stainless steel, tiles and sanitary ware to give a perfect finish
  • Cloth for cleaning the drain, sanitary ware and tiles
  • Cloth for streak free finish

Cleaning & Maintenance Kit For Wet Rooms

The Cleaning and Maintenance Kit is environmentally friendly and free from chemicals; designed to keep your wet room looking perfect and maintain its best performance and longevity. Included in the kit is a wet room drain strainer to catch hair which can be easily removed instead of taking out the trap and a hook to lift the drain cover. To clean the drain, tiles, glass and sanitary items there is a Cleanser to remove limescale and grease and a Polishing Paste to use once clean for best results. Two cloths are included, one to use whilst cleaning and another to give a streak-free finish.

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