Vinyl Wet Room Drains

Our comprehensive range of  vinyl wet room drains provides a solution for every design.  Whether you are working to a budget and looking for a a plastic circle grate finish or looking to enhance the style of your wet room with a design led linear vinyl, we have the solution.

At WM | Wetroom Materials, luxury and elegance are integrated into every product, including these stunning vinyl drains. Whether your project involves replacing an old wet room or incorporating one into a bathroom, our stainless steel finish will suit the aesthetics of your space.

Each vinyl drain floor comes with either an anti odour dry trap or a 50mm water seal, a sealed gasket, a grating of your choice.

The capacity of drains starts from  36 l/minute.

Additional construction problems that we’ve resolved through the design process include allowing a low profile to be achieved, the ability to install the vinyl drains above wooden and concrete floors and underfloor heating, the chance to trim the vinyl to ensure a snug fit and more.

SharpDrain Vinyl - Linear

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XL Linear - Vinyl

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Unidrain Vinyl ClassicLine Wet Room Drain

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SharpDrain Circle Vinyl Wet Room Drain

The SharpDrain Vinyl shower drain is available with a choice of horizontal and vertical outlets, making it a fantastic solution…
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Is vinyl flooring suitable for wet rooms?

Yes, we’ve taken care in the design and manufacturing process to ensure that our vinyl drains are compatible with wet rooms that use vinyl as the floor finish.


How do you waterproof a wet room floor?

All wet rooms need to be waterproofed but that doesn’t mean that all waterproofing kits are the same. The vinyl drains are designed to work with a vinyl floor which we recommend is installed by a trained installer.   As with any wet room it is of upmost importance to waterproof the walls in the shower.  WM | Wetroom Materials offer a full of waterproofing membranes suitable for tiles.

Why should you buy your vinyl drain from Wetroom Materials?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve established ourselves as market leaders in the luxury wet room market. We’ve worked closely with architects and high-end retailers to ensure we’re offering the highest quality shower drain kits while overcoming common pain points.

Like all of our products, the vinyl drains comply with building regulations and are EN1253 certified. 

We also promote safe installation, with in-depth yet easy-to-follow installation instructions in typed or video format for your preference.

If you’d like further information on our vinyl drains or additional advice and support for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for a no-obligation chat.

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