Professional Wet Room Installation Service

Protect your wet room against leaks and costly repairs with WM Wetroom Materials’ professional wet room installation service.

Wet Room Waterproofing Installation Specialists

WM | Wetroom Materials are wet room specialists in the UK and Ireland. Working along side bathroom installers, we offer a nationwide wet room foundation installation service providing a 10-year no-leak guarantee. In addition, we ensure the best products and installation methods are used.

The Wet Room Installation Specialists

WM | Wetroom Materials began as a local wet room foundation installation company, excelling in the technical and logistic aspects of a wet room installation project. Now, with over 20 years of experience, we are proud to offer our leading wet room waterproofing services to businesses across the UK & Ireland.

As a wet room product provider, we also understand the design aspects a wet room requires to perform to perfection. Whether you’re looking to convert a traditional bathroom, upgrade an existing wet room, or are unsure about the quality of your existing flooring, we at WM understand the necessary measures needed to install a wet room to the highest quality.

Impenetrable Waterproofing

A fully functioning wet room requires adequate waterproofing to prevent leaks and insufficient drainage. Substandard installation may cause irreparable and costly damage to your property. This can be avoided by hiring a professional wet room installer.

Choosing the correct wet room shower tray and shower drain can contribute to the performance of your wet room massively. That’s why we only stock top-grade products of Danish and Scandinavian design, with large selections of wet room kits from Unislope and our very own Sharp collection, all provided with a 10-year, no-leak guarantee.

WM only use and provide high-grade, certified installation products to ensure that your new wet room remains as sounds as sturdy as the day it was installed. With LIP Wet Room Tanking Kits, specialist Wet Room Tile Adhesive, and a range of products for the entire wet room, we have professional-standard installation materials for every aspect of your wet room.

Our wet room installation team have handled a variety of projects, from small bathrooms to bespoke spa resorts. Whatever your requirements, we at WM can provide you with a satisfactory wet room installation beyond expectations.

Unsure whether your ideal shower area meets the requirements for a quality wet room? Contact our installation team today for industry-leading insight.

Solutions for all flooring

When installing a new wet room, it is important to consider the existing floor. Properties are designed with a variety of materials, and flooring can differ drastically from timber floors to concrete floors. Here at WM | Wetroom Materials, we understand the implications associated with wet room floor areas and provide bespoke solutions for a wide array of scenarios.

Thanks to modern drainage technology, showcased in our range of award-winning wet room drains, timber flooring no longer implicates the installation of a new wet room. To accommodate for any structural changes that may need rectifying during the installation process – including any additional depth that is required to house the wet room drain – we have a variety of drainage solutions in different sizes and capacities.

Our superior waterproofing products and techniques prevent any damage occurring to the timber floor, so you don’t have to worry about rogue leakages and structural repairs further down the line.


  • 10-year no-leak guarantee on all wet room installations
  • Leading experts in wet room foundations.
  • Entire installation process; wet room drain, slope creation, and waterproofing
  • Our products are BBA, ETAG, EC1 Plus, CE approved
  • We only use professional-standard products and equipment
  • Product specification for wet room foundations
  • Expert wet room design and technical support
  • Site survey to ensure correct preparation is made
  • Access to our CCL customer care line to assist you throughout the process

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Wet Room Installation Process

  • Specification of the best products for your project requirements
  • Technical and CAD support, including Datasheets
  • Supply of top-quality wet room products
  • Bespoke creation of slopes for individual shower areas and room designs
  • Priming and reinforcement to weak areas in the wet room
  • Installation of appropriate tanking membrane

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Handsmooth House

Wetroom Materials involved in construction of the celebrity owned, RIBA award winning property, designed by the esteemed architect Richard Meier.

Location: Oxfordshire

Completed: 2017

Sector: Residential

Winner of RIBA South East award and RIBA Regional Sustainability award, Handsmooth is a reinvention of the country house. Wetroom Materials supplied and installed the waterproofing to the rooms allowing the main contractor to provide their clients with a 10 year no leak guarantee. Not only does this provide peace of mind for the customer, but also for the main contractor that the work has been carried out correctly and there will be no issues.

SoulCycle Gym

Iconic American cycling brand comes to the UK’s capital. WM | Wetroom Materials asked to supply drainage solutions for SoulCycle’s latest London location.

Location: London (various locations)

Completed: 2019

Sector: Commercial

SoulCycle is part of the new activity taken over the health and fitness world – spinning. SoulCycle provides a state-of-the-art experience for all clients, from bikes and exercise machines, bold and vibrant interior décor, to the facility’s changing and shower areas functionality. One of the most iconic indoor cycling brands in the US opened its first studio in London in 2019. Wetroom Materials supplied linear and point drainage to SoulCycle’s numerous studios across London.

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