Marienlyst Strandhotel, Helsingør


Award-winning 1,600 square-meter beach spa expansion, designed to break boundaries between outside and inside for its guests.

Location: Helsingør, Denmark

Completed: 2018

Sector: Hospitality

On the shore of the Øresund strait facing Helsingborg is the 150-year-old Marienlyst Strandhotel. On 6 January 2018, after two years of development, the hotel in Helsingør opened a luxurious beach spa. This spa, with its luxury facilities, earned a Danish Beauty Award 2019 in the ‘Spa of the Year’ category. The Award-Winning beach hotel and spa chose Unidrain to feature throughout its impressive facilities.

The challenge

The Marienlyst Standhotel has a 1,600 square metre spa area with both indoor and outdoor facilities, and has been designed with one clear purpose in mind: to bring guests closer to nature. Along with breaking down the barrier between the inside and outside world, the design was to be in line with the hotel’s already established values and aura of providing luxury and excellence. All products and systems must also serve a functional purpose; regarding the drainage, it must be easy to clean and maintain.

     “The aim of the spa design is for the indoor and outdoor experience to merge for our guests. As we are dealing with a spa, wet room installations and drainage have a major bearing on the overall look.”

 Jan Mortensen, Lead Pluming and Technical Engineer

The solution

One of the key players behind the project was Jan Mortensen, who is employed by Marienlyst Strandhotel and was the leading plumbing engineer and technical manager during the completion of the work. He explains that the natural surroundings of the spa played a crucial role in the choice of materials for both drains and fittings.

As the spa is situated right on the beach front, design decisions were made to continue the colours and tones of the beach’s golden sand through the doors of the building and allowed to spread throughout the spa floors and changing rooms – resulting in the drainage option of the elegant HighLine Panel in Brass by Unidrain. The exclusive linear drains help to give the spa its luxurious appeal; something that has been confirmed in guest’s reviews and feedback of the hotel’s fittings and furnishings. This response is important as it provides the hotel with knowledge it is achieving its goal of offering exclusive wellness experience for its guests.

Unidrain was not only chosen to be situated in the spa and changing facilities of the hotel, but also in the many rooms, which have also been recently renovated. In these rooms you will find the stylish ClassicLine Column drain finish by Unidrain.

The Marienlyst Strandhotel allows its guest to enjoy the epitome of luxury, excellence, and wellness. The use of Unidrain coloured drains throughout the spa and hotel rooms only supplement this persona. However, not only are the drainage systems expected to uphold the high-end aesthetics, but it is paramount that they serve quality functionality. The Unidrain systems achieve this by providing a drain that is easy to clean and maintain – an attractive and invaluable feature within the hotel and commercial sectors.

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