• Easy wet room installation process
  • Can bond to all common building materials e.g. tiles, natural stone, wood, concrete, glass, water-based paints etc
  • Suitable for wet and electric underfloor heating
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • EC1 Plus approved
  • Very low emissions and CO2 neutral manufacturing
  • Tested and approved by our waterproofing wet room installation service which provides a 10 year no leak guarantee
  • 300 ml Cartridge
  • Complete range of wet room installation products available – Guarantee compatibility and use materials designed for fitting wet rooms

LIP Transparent Silicone

LIP Transparent Silicone is a high elasticity sealant designed for wet room installation and bathrooms to seal major joints once the room is tiled. It is suitable for use on ceramic, porcelain, glass, brick, wood, PVC and more. It will not discolour natural stone and marble ensuring a quality finish. LIP Transparent Silicone is bacterial and fungal repellent, free to Phthalates, EC1 Plus approved for very low emissions and BS EN 15651 approved.

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