Wet Room Kits with Linear Drain Against the Wall

A linear shower drain, also known as a trench drain, linear shower gully, trough drain, or linear shower tray, is an exceedingly popular choice for wet rooms and shower rooms. Featuring high capacity drainage, our linear shower drains are able to collect large volumes of water, making them as practical as they are stylish! Linear drains offer an effective alternative to your typical shower drain, and can be disguised with a tile insert that has the same design as your surrounding floor. If you’re looking for something more unique, you can even opt for a colour coloured drain grate for a real feature piece in your wet room.

Our wet room shower drains are safe to be used underfoot as they are made with robust materials, and the flanges are recessed into the floor with the membrane joined to the drain.  If you are looking for a linear free-standing drain for positioning away from the wall, see our wet room kits with linear drains away from the wall.

We offer a range of premium wet room kits which include linear drains for wall positioning, as well as a slope and a tanking kit. Our linear shower floor drains provide a practical, robust and durable solution, if installed correctly, which should work for years without any issues.

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Unidrain Glassline Walk-In Shower Wetroom Kit

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What wet room design structure do I need?

Your wet room design will determine the kind of channel and installation available. If your design involves a linear shower drain against a wall, the floor must be gently sloped in a single direction heading towards the wall drain.

How do linear wall drains work?

With this structure, water is directed to the wall linear drain at one end of the shower. This way, the water is collected quickly without pooling under your feet. The linear channel then directs water down the drain through a hidden outlet. Linear drains installed flush against the shower wall allow water splash to go directly into the drainage tray.

What is included in our wet room kits?

Our wet room kits are made up of high-quality products which will differ between kits. Our wet room kits with linear drains against the wall contain a linear drainage system, a slope and tanking/waterproofing kit.

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