Linear Drain Wet Room Kits

Available in various styles and colours with a high-functioning and stylish drainage system for wet rooms. A linear drain offers a sleek addition to a shower or wet room floor. This range captures waste along a wide linear surface, allowing water to easily flow into the drain. A linear drain is a great option for a discreet and efficient floor drain.

A linear shower drain, also known as a trench drain, linear shower gully, trough drain, or linear shower tray, is an exceedingly popular choice for wet rooms and shower rooms. Featuring high-capacity drainage, our linear shower drains are able to collect large volumes of water, making them as practical as they are stylish. Linear drains offer an effective alternative to your typical shower drain and can be disguised with a tile insert that has the same design as your surrounding floor. If you’re looking for something more unique, you can even opt for a coloured drain grate for a real feature piece in your wet room.

Highlights of our Kits

  • High capacity drainage to collect large volumes of water.
  • A stylish alternative to a typical shower drain.
  • The drains can complement the overall aesthetics of the wet room floor, thanks to the tile insert.

Our premium kits come complete with a linear drain for flush-against-the-wall positioning, a slope to increase drainage and prevent stagnation and a tanking kit for long-lasting waterproofing and functionality.

We offer a range of premium wet room kits, including linear drains for wall positioning, slopes, and tanking kits. Our linear shower floor drains provide a practical, robust and durable solution, if installed correctly, which should work for years without any issues.

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Linear Drain Wet Room Kits at WM | Wetroom Materials

Our Linear drain wet room kits are an exceedingly popular choice among the architects and high-end retailers we regularly work with. Our kits provide everything you need to complete a renovation or installation project.

Whatever stylish wet room system you select, you can be sure that they are safe to use underfoot thanks to the robust materials and flanges that are recessed into the shower tray floor.

Do I need a linear drain wet room kit?

If your client or customer is looking to install a wet room or low-profile shower area, a Linear drain wet room is a fantastic option, especially if:

  • They are looking for something high-end.
  • They want something that will complement the floor and wall tiles.
  • They need something that can handle a lot of water without leaving puddles underfoot.
  • The installation has to be implemented over a concrete or wooden floor.

If you’re working with a larger space, we would recommend opting for our 1K Unislope® kit, whereas our Glassline kit is great for smaller spaces or areas where you want a distinct separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Thanks to the waterproofing, these kits can be installed alongside underfloor heating, raising the level of luxury even further.

How do linear drain wet room kits work?

The magic behind a Linear shower drain is the slight slope of the shower tray that causes water to flow to one end of the shower area. The water then flows through the drain body and into the usual plumbing.

Thanks to the against-the-wall style, these kits are suitable for both large and small showers and come in a range of sizes. Simply select the one that best suits your project and get in touch to place your order.

Why should you buy your Linear drain wet room kits from WM | Wetroom Materials?

We’ve been working with high-end retailers and architects for more than 15 years, helping them create elegant spaces their clients and customers love.

It’s our close relationship with designers and developers that allow us to advise on which of our wet room sets will best suit the requirements of each project, whether you’re replacing a wet room or upgrading a bathroom.

All of our Linear drain wet rooms comply with worldwide building standards and are available at competitive trade prices.

Below is a list of all our accreditations and certifications, as well as some reviews from past customers.

If you’d like to know about any of the wet room kits we stock at WM, or you would like to place an order please contact us through your preferred method.

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