• 10-year guaranteed – Designed and manufactured by experts
  • Complete wetroom kit and walk in shower kits
  • 100% watertight solution as glass screed and channel is integrated into base and drain
  • Easy and fast all in one complete system – Integrate channel built in for the 10mm ultra clear safety toughened glass
  • Level floor access is easily achievable
  • Easy to install wetroom kit with installation instructions, step by step video and dedicated technical team to assist
  • Don’t stand on the drain whilst showering
  • Pressed Stainless Steel drain body – no weak areas
  • Internal channel to prevent stagnant water
  • Drain is wall mounted for easy installation and secure fixing
  • Large metal flanges to waterproof onto which provides a very strong tanking / waterproofing bond onto the drain
  • 50mm water seal, preventing odour from coming through the drain and also complies with EN 1253
  • Large range of outlets for different pipework
  • Removable grate / tiled cover for easy cleaning

Unidrain Glassline wet room kit is a complete unique solution.  Incorporating Unidrain into its design, Glassline brings together the drain, template for the slope and an integrated shower channel.  The Glassline Unit is attached to two walls.  The slope is created using screed and following the integrated slope provide by the unit itself.  The wall mounted support provides a clean system in which to hang the glass screen without any visible fixings. The easy clean standard outlet has a capacity of 54ltr per minute and the drain is approved to comply with building regulations for wet room trapped gullied, wastes and drains.

All linear drains are available as low profile which allows you to install a wet room drain with as little as 64mm floor depth. See downloads or contact us for more information.

Unidrain Glassline wet room kit is available in a range of finishes. Highline Custom allows you to tile into the drain and create an invisible drain with no visible metal. There is a collection of Brushed Stainless Steel grates for a traditional style and two Highline options; Panel and Cassette for a modern design.

All wet rooms need to be waterproofed. The approved membrane for Unidrain is LIP VS30 which is an easy to apply paint-on liquid waterproofing membrane. It is designed to stretch and move with your building. The membrane is 100% waterproof and dries as one continuous sheet. Tested to international standards – ETAG 022-1 certified and very low emissions – EC1 Plus approved. We also recommend SharpBoard is used to provide the perfect surface to tile onto and for waterproofing shower walls and floor outside shower.

Unidrain Glassline Walk-In Shower Wetroom Kit

Unidrain Glassline wet room kit is a unique walk in shower kit which integrates the wet room drain, slope and glass for a 100% watertight solution. The wet room kit allows you to create a wet room with a one-way slope / fall towards a drain against the wall. With a one way fall you don’t need to cut tiles towards the drain and you don’t stand on the drain whilst showering.

What's included

What's included

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Glassline fixed module with shower screen

Unidrain Glassline Wet room Kit Overview

  • BBA Approved Wetroom System
  • 100% waterproof and 10 year guarantee
  • Unique all in one wetroom kit solution
  • Complete walk in shower kits
  • 11 sizes available- From 0.8m x 1.2m to 1m x 1.2m
  • Large range of finishes from tiled grate to brushed stainless steel designs
  • Suitable for any thickness of floor tile / stone
  • Wall mounted pressed stainless steel drain and integrated glass channel
  • Profile build in to screed the fall
  • Easy to clean 10mm safety toughened glass
  • Range of outlets to drain from 32 l/min to 102 l/min
  • Low profile and vertical outlets available

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