Wet Room Kits with Square Drain

Square wet room drains, also known as centre point drainage, square shower drains, or square floor gullies are ideal for use in wet rooms, washrooms and shower rooms. They allow you to achieve a practical drainage solution without using a lot of floor space. For square drain wet room designs, you need to consider the floor type you are building on, as well as the flow rates of your shower. This drain type can be used as a primary or secondary drainage solution, and is ideal for use in both domestic and commercial wet room environments.

The preformed slope board that comes as part of the wet room kit creates the ideal gradient in your wet room floor, and the drains are integrated and sealed by a gasket to ensure a fast, easy and safe installation. Our wet room shower drains are safe to be used underfoot as they are all made with robust materials, and are flush with the floor surface.

We offer a range of premium wet room kits which include square drain systems, as well as a slope board and a tanking kit. Our square shower floor drains provide a practical, robust and durable solution (if installed correctly) which can withstand years of use, without any leaks.

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What are the different square drain grate options available?

Our wet room square shower gullies can be chosen to fit in with your desired appearance, with a choice of a stainless steel grate, various coloured drain grates, or tile inserts – with the ability to add your own tile consistent with your wet room. For example, if you are looking for a gold square shower drain, a square chrome shower drain or a brushed nickel square shower drain, you can choose these as part of your wet room kit.

What wet room design structure do I need?

If you have decided to have a square shower drain, your wet room must be gently sloped in all four directions heading towards the square floor drain, so the water is collected and drained efficiently. The square drain channel then directs water down the drain through a hidden outlet.

I am restricted on floor depth, are the square drain kits suitable?

If you are restricted on floor depth, we also offer wet room kits with low profile square drains for shallow floor depths. Please contact us with your requirements and we will propose the best solutions.

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