Square Drain Wet Room Kits

Make your walk-in shower luxurious with our range of square tiled drains. Comes with a complete modern wet room kit, allowing you to create the shower of your dreams.

Whether you’re incorporating a walk-in shower into a bathroom or replacing an old wet room, a square drain wet room kit, also known as centre point drainage, square shower drains, or square floor gullies is ideal.

The centre drain position transforms a tool into a feature of any wet room, washroom, or shower room, putting the drain on full display with a range of stunning design options.

These wet rooms have been designed to overcome common challenges experienced throughout the construction industry including:

  • Low profiles can be achieved.
  • Installation above wooden and concrete floors is possible.
  • The kits are completely waterproof thanks to the tanking kit.
  • No leaks whatsoever when installed correctly.
  • Easy installation with simple-to-follow instructions.

Our wet room kits come complete with a preformed wet room shower tray with four slopes, an integrated drain with a 40mm outlet, a sealed gasket, a 50mm water seal, frame and panel tile insert, construction glue and a waterproofing kit (also known as a tanking kit).

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What are the different square drain grate options available?

Our wet room square shower gullies can be chosen to fit in with the desired appearance of your shower area, with a choice of a stainless steel grate, various coloured drain grates, or tile inserts.

You also have the option of incorporating your own tile to ensure consistency with your wet room or larger bathroom.

For example, if you are looking for a gold square shower drain, a square chrome shower drain or a brushed nickel square shower drain, you can choose these as part of your wet room kit.

What wet room design structure do I need?

If you have decided to have a square shower drain, your wet room must be gently sloped in four directions heading toward the drain location.

This ensures that the water is collected and drained efficiently. The square drain channel then directs water down the drain through a hidden outlet.

All of our square drain wet room kits have a preformed board with four slopes.

If your wet room project requires access to wheelchairs, please get in touch so that we can offer additional advice.

I am restricted on floor depth, are the square drain kits suitable?

If you are restricted on floor depth, we also offer wet room kits with low-profile square drains. Please contact us with your requirements and we will propose the best solutions.

Why should you buy your wet room kits from Wetroom Materials?

Wetroom Materials have been designing and manufacturing wet rooms for the high-end market for over 15 years. During that time, we’ve been working to overcome common problems faced within the construction industry and incorporating solutions into our wet room kits.

All of our wet room kits, including the square drain kits, comply with building standards and are compatible for installation over concrete floors, wooden floors and underfloor heating.

All of our walk-in shower kits come with a 10-year guarantee and a waterproofing guarantee so long as they are installed correctly.

In addition to designing and manufacturing a wide range of award-winning wet room products, we hold numerous accreditations, further portraying our skill and expertise in the luxury wet room sector.

Browse our selection of square drain wet room kits. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you’d like additional advice. We’d be happy to discuss your projects to offer complete peace of mind that you’ve selected the right kit for your project. Alternatively, we can recommend some of our other quality products if the square kits aren’t quite the right fit for your requirements.

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