Square Wet Room Drains

Choose from a selection of minimalist grates and PVD-coated coloured panels, as well as a variety of tile insert options to find the perfect addition to your wet room project.

From sleek and professional stainless steel wet room drains to PVD-coated and coloured panel drains, you will find the perfect solution within our collection of square wet room drains.

Our selection of square wet room drains features opulent designs of Scandinavian influence for you to implement into your wet room project. With many of our square drainage solutions accredited for timber floor construction, we pride ourselves on offering you quality-assured products.

With a selection of horizontal drains, vertical drains, and high-capacity drains available, you will find the perfect square wet room drain here at Wetroom Materials.

PourFlex Square Wet Room Drain

The Pourflex Square wet room drain from WM | Wetroom Materials is a unique design manufactured specifically for poured floors.…
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Unidrain Square Wet Room Drains

The award-winning Unidrain brought to you by WM | Wetroom Materials.   This elegant range of quality square wet room drains…
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SharpDrain Square Wet Room Drains

Our collection of SharpDrain Square wet room drains is an ideal solution for modern wet rooms looking for an elegant,…
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Wetroom Materials Centre Drain

Brought to you by WM | Wetroom Materials, this square wet room drain is designed to be placed away from…
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Highlights of our square drains:

  • Range of sizes available
  • A variety of outlets for different floor types and depths
  • High-capacity drains
  • Low-profile solutions
  • Elegant panel and grate finishes

Our square wet room drains:

  • Sharpdrain Square Drains:

The Sharpdrain Square Drain collection is ideal for a variety of wet rooms, including wet rooms with shallow floors with a 76mm floor depth. The ability to place your drain away from the wall gives you the flexibility to install the drain wherever you like. With a 360-degree drain outlet, connecting the Sharpdrain square drains to the relevant pipework couldn’t be easier.

  • UniDrain Square Drains:

Our collection of UniDrain Square Drains is ideal for wet rooms and showers with secondary drainage to help avoid flooding and drainage problems. With a variety of drainage outlets accommodating a wide range of drainage capacities and floor depths, you will find the perfect square wet room drain here at Wetroom Materials.

Do I need a square wet room drain?

A square wet room drain is ideal for wet rooms that do not have the required space for a wall-mounted drain or longer linear drains that take up lots of space under the floor. With the ability to freely place your square drain anywhere within the wet room floor, you can create a wet room project that suits a variety of styles without compromising on drainage solutions.

Square wet room drains also allow you the possibility of creating both sloped and level-access floors, so you can design wheelchair-accessible wet rooms or traditional sloped drains should you wish.

Do you have different outlets for square drains?

One of the many benefits of our square wet room drain collection is the variety of drainage outlets available. From low-profile horizontal outlets to high-capacity outlets up to 84l/min, you can customise your drain as required for your wet room project.

Why should you buy your square wet room drains from Wetroom Materials?

For 15 years we’ve been working alongside professional fitters and retailers to provide the highest-quality wet room materials.

Our close relationship with designers, architects and developers allows us to provide advice on wet room kits, wet room drains, and specific requirements of each project. 

Whether you’re upgrading a bathroom, replacing your wet room, or looking for additional functionality from your wet room, we here at Wetroom Materials are able to advise you every step of the way.

All of our square wet room drains comply with worldwide building standards and are available at competitive trade prices.

Below is a list of all our accreditations and certifications, as well as some reviews from past customers.

If you’d like to know about any of the wet room drains we stock, or you would like to place an order please contact us through your preferred method, we’d love to discuss your projects.

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