Our Unidrain Matline drainage mats are an intelligent drainage tile and matting system that ensures that all mud, dirt and water are automatically drained away as you're entering your home.

Our Unidrain Matline drainage mats are an intelligent drainage tile and matting system that ensures that all mud, dirt and water are automatically drained away as you’re entering your home.

When designing a refurbishment for your modern home, it’s worth contemplating how you can keep maintenance at a minimum so that you can enjoy your space as much as possible.

Matline from our Unidrain collection solves the same problem experienced by us all – mud and dirty water being trailed into your house from outside. It’s an unfortunate issue that we all face in response to the ever-changing British weather.

While keeping your floors clean and dry, Matline makes an easy elegant addition to your home, adding to the aesthetics rather than taking away from it.

The mats consist of a drainage system embedded into the floor construction with height adjustable support for the perfect fit, surrounded by a stainless steel frame and covered with UV-nylon brushes that will scrape away dirt and mud.

The mud, dirt, debris and water don’t simply soak into the mat. Instead, it falls between holes in the brushes and is carried away through the drainage system.

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What's included with the Matline Drainage Mat?

Whichever product you choose from our Unidrain Matline range, you can expect:

  • Height-adjustable supports
  • A drain unit
  • Stainless steel panel
  • Strainer
  • A mat

Can Matline be installed in a wet room?

The beauty is that our Matline drainage mat can be installed wherever there is access to a drainage system. While these are the most popular applications within laundry and utility rooms, kitchens and hallways, they can be of great use in a bathroom or wetroom.

Therefore, if you’d like to incorporate the Unidrain Matline or any of the Unidrain accessories into your wet room project, it may be possible.

Please get in touch so that we can give tailored advice relevant and suitable to your project.

What maintenance is involved with Matline?

The Unidrain Matline range has been designed to be as easy and hassle-free as possible, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your renovation rather than carrying out maintenance chores.

As with any drainage mat, we recommend that you clean your entire mat system, including the drain, every 6-8 weeks to elongate their life as much as possible.

To increase ease of upkeep, we’ve put together a maintenance kit that is 100% environmentally friendly, does not include any harmful chemicals and is biodegradable.

Each mat maintenance kit includes:

  • A hook – to lift the connected grate safely and easily.
  • Wetroom Materials cleanser to remove grease and limescale.
  • Wetroom Materials polish which can be used on stainless steel, chrome, tiles and other sanitary ware.
  • Wetroom Materials Grout Sealer.
  • One cloth for cleaning the tiles, sanitary ware and the drain.
  • One cloth for a streak-free shine.

If you are planning to sell or provide your own cleaning products with the Matline kit, please do not supply or recommend any cleaning agents with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, chlorine or fluorine.

Read our wet room cleaning and maintenance guide to get a full picture of maintaining a wet room.

Efficiently Drain Trapped Water with our Matline Drainage Mat

Trapped water can ruin a garden room’s functionality and safety.

If your clients are looking for a reliable way to prevent trapped water in their garden room or wet room, our Matline Drainage Mats are the ideal solution. These high-quality drainage mats are designed to effectively drain excess water and debris from shoes and boots, leaving your wet room floor clean and dry.

Suitable for any type of flooring, Unidrain benefits from an entire draining system and kit, making it as easy to install. Our Matline Drainage Mats are made from durable nylon materials which are ideal for cleaning off the bottom of shoes after a day in the garden.

We understand the importance of having a safe and functional wet room and garden room. Our Matline drainage mats come with a maintenance kit that you can provide your clients to ensure a long lifespan and a dry floor.

Why should you buy your Unidrain Matline drain from Wetroom Materials?

Wetroom Materials has been designing and manufacturing high-end, award-winning products for more than 15 years. In that time, we’ve established ourselves as market-leaders by creating elegant and sophisticated systems that overcome common pain points experienced within the industry.

If you’d like to find out more about our Unidrain mat system or any of the other products in our Unidrain or Sharp collection range, please get in touch for no obligation help and advice.

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