Shallow Wetroom Drains

Wetroom Drains For Shallow Floor Void Depth

To achieve level access with a wet room, the drainage needs to be incorporated into the floor and when there isn’t much space, this can be challenging. There are a wide range of reasons this could be an issue, the most common are;

  • Screed level is too thin to install wet room channel drain
  • Concrete slab is too high up for drainage gully
  • Soil Stack pipework too far away from wet room waste trap
  • Old property with awkward joist blocking wet room pipework
  • Not planning for a wet room at the design stage
  • Incorrect or incomplete drain specification
  • Wet room POD manufacturer requirement for slimline drainage products

Wetroom Materials have a wide range of shallow wet room kit, drains and channels to overcome these challenges.

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Low Profile Wetroom Drains

Unidrain & UniSlope

Unidrain which is used in the UniSlope 1K wet room kit has a wide range of outlet option including low profile which can be installed in depths as low as 64mm. The 1417.0050 Unidrain outlet, uses a mechanical trap instead of a traditional water trap and is the shallowest wet room drainage solution.

Low profile Unidrain with a 50mm water seal / trap

Unidrian have launched the new 1418.0050 outlet, their shallowest outlet with a 50mm water trap / seal is the 1418.0050. For more information, view low profile outlet options.

SharpDrain Linear

SharpDrain Tile Insert & Panel and SharpDrain Tile Line only require 72mm to install. SharpDrain Tile Insert & Panel has a choice of coloured panels available which can be reversed and used as tile insert. SharpDrain Tile Line allows you to use the floor tile to cover the drain without any visible metal trim.

SharpDrain Square

SharpDrain Square only requires 76mm to install and is available as frame and grate, as well as a choice of coloured panels which can be reversed and used as tile insert.

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Professional Training

CPD and Project Meetings

With over 15 years’ experience in the wet room industry and being involved in all stages from design, specification and installation; Wetroom Materials has extensive knowledge of all aspects of wet rooms. To pass on our knowledge we have created a Wetroom CPD and also offer project meeting both on site and in office.

  • Well-rounded CPD session covering all aspects of wet rooms
  • Common issues and how to avoid them
  • Types of drainage for different project requirements
  • Systems to overcome construction challenges
  • Wet Room Design and specification
  • Installation of a wet room
  • Waterproofing zones and process
  • Complimentary lunch
  • Certificate of attendance to self-certify for RIBA points

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