12th January 2018

Leave The Dirt At The Door – MatLine

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Post by Wetroom Materials

Lead an active lifestyle, but have a place of clean comfort at home.

Great Britain is encapsulated by stunning coastal landscapes and breathe taking panoramic scenery; we are lucky to call such a wonderful place, home. Whether you partake in activities on extreme terrain, or just step out for a light walk; with the British weather being as it is, you will struggle to explore such places without bringing some of it back home and through the door with you.

Unidrain have developed the intelligent and practical MatLine system that can be installed into any entrance hall, utility room etc. to prevent the transfer of dirt and water from outside to inside. The MatLine solution keeps a house clean from debris, whilst maintaining the look of a contemporary style home. Being of Scandinavian design, it conforms to three design principles – Simplicity, Minimalism and Functionality.

The design has reinvented an everyday house hold item and enhanced its functionality, creating a simple solution for keeping an entrance tidy. The system effectively removes excess dirt and gravel from boot treads, and leads water away from floors and down the drain. Maintenance is easy, just by lifting the mat it can be washed with clean water or vacuumed.

MatLine promotes active and outdoor living while providing a practical and elegant solution that segregates a clean and well-kept home from the remnants of exploring the great outdoors.

Think your home and lifestyle would benefit from the Unidrain MatLine solution? Wet Room Materials are delighted to announce the latest showroom to show case MatLine – Studio One South West.

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