5th October 2020

Minimum Floor Void Solution for Prefab Pod Construction

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So, what are Prefab Pods?

In today’s construction industry, it is critical that projects maintain cost and programme certainty. Prefab Pods are revolutionising the industry’s practises by providing modular builds which are constructed off site and get delivered and installed straight on the development. Pre-built systems save time, money and minimise disruptions on and around the construction site. The process allows manufacturers to efficiently mass produce certain elements which can be delivered to site when required. As a result, pods offer a significantly reduced construction time frame compared to traditional methods, with most projects completed between 4-6 weeks.  Pods are also a great eco-friendly alternative building method and an effective way of reducing carbon emictions and our footprint on the environment. Bathrooms make an ideal candidate for prefabrication by being relatively small and self-contained units. With developments adhering to permitted height restricts and the desire to maximise ceiling heights; floor voids have become tight!  The trend for clean minimalist wet room designs has never been so popular and the challenge for Architects and M&E Consultants to fulfil a wet room brief can be tricky.

With many years of experience in the prefab market we are delighted to introduce our new low -profile outlet which offers great flexibility for pod construction and opens up endless design possibilities for Architects and Interior Designers whilst retaining the British Standard for a 50mm Water Seal.


The Specification

The 1418.0050 outlet has a height of only 69 mm and offers extra low installation from only 81 mm measured from the bottom of the outlet to the top of the drain body. The trap within the outlet comes with a 50 mm water seal which complies with the Building Regulations Act 2010, covered in Part H. Developing a low-profile outlet with a 50 mm water seal is very advantageous in its familiarity to contractors, adhering to the same regulations as a standard wet room trap and outlet.


Benefits of the Low-Profile Outlet

  • Compiles with the British Standard for wetrooms EN1253
  • Complies with British Regulation for wetrooms Part H for Drainage and Waste Disposal
  • High water capacity at 36 litres per minute
  • Any drains over 1.2m can have multiple outlets to further Increase capacity
  • It is easy to clean and maintain as it is all accessible form above the tile
  • The product comes with and full Warranty and Guarantee and if in conjunction with our installation service we can provide a 10 year no leak guarantee

The low profile 1418 wet room gully outlet is already installed in projects around the UK and Europe and proving a firm favourite with Mechanical Design Consultant.   The latest London development to take advantage of this new wet room shower drain is One Nine Elms by Multiplex.


If this outlet Is still too deep for you, check out our shallow mechanical Trap!

You can find more information about our shallow wet rooms drains and systems on our website, or feel free to call us for a chat.

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