7th September 2018

Take Advantage Of Growing Wet Room Demand

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Owners of bathroom showrooms and suppliers to the industry are constantly assessing new products, new manufacturers, new accessories and so on. So they may want to sit up and take note of the growing demand for wet rooms here in the UK. A wet room range is an obvious and perfect additional product range to dovetail with your existing business. It represents an avenue to capture new audiences and expand an enterprise into unexplored market niches.

Current Trends Indicate An Upsurge In Demand For Wet Rooms

The beautiful clean lines and open space sensations that a wet room instantly generates imparts incredibly strong appeal in the mind of the beholder. More and more people have experienced the joys of a great wet room because of the recent surge in such things like boutique hotels, where design is allowed full reign to maximise the sensual experience. And our favourite glossy magazines reflect the best of these too which plays a big part in the drive of consumer uptake.

Another very strong sales channel is the senior community who find it increasingly difficult with advancing years to navigate stairs and conventional bathroom. More and more, downstairs wet rooms are in demand and not just in homes owned by the older generation. Younger owners look ahead and see the benefits of installing a wet room now to be enjoyed by all the family and which will take them through to their silver years too.

Business Rationale

It’s not necessary to already run a large business for this type of expansion to make perfect sense. Running additional product lines does mean diversifying risk and leverages the reputation you have already built. A broader product range is also an established method of competing along a wider front in your industry.

Installation And Support Option

Should you prefer, you can outsource the complete installation to our expert and highly trained team. Done properly, a wet room will remain trouble free for its lifetime but the majority of insurance claims for leak damage result from botched installation.

Full service includes technical support and the complete design and installation package:

  • Complete solution Technical Advice CAD Files & 3D BIM
  • Site survey
  • Premium quality, stylish wet room drain
  • Building customised gradients for each individual shower area and room
  • Reinforcing weak areas of the room
  • Professional tanking membrane in all wet zones
  • 10 year no-leak guarantee

Business Strategies You Need To Consider

Just as important to ensure success as choosing the right products lines and the right supplier is to think through and plan some basic business strategies. As an established bathroom supplier, a wet room line quite obviously complements and enhances your core propositions, but think about which benefits will resonate with your clientele and how best to position this new line.

For example, would a luxury wet room offering cannibalise any of your existing high end bathroom ranges? And, if so, what price differential should be utilised to offset this?

Then there are marketing considerations – how to introduce the new line for maximum effect and then proceed to building growth and market share on the way to maturity. The great benefit of incorporating a product range like ours is that you will receive plenty of advice and back up services in these early stages. We know what the most productive approaches are, and what works best for each market segment. The seniors market has a completely different set of priorities and trigger points than the successful young executive or self-made business owner.

Experienced and professional guidance ensure you take the shortest path to success.

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