31st January 2020

Wetroom Safety Tips

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Bathroom slips and falls are one of the top causes of injuries for the elderly. However, safety in wetrooms and bathrooms shouldn’t just be a priority for the elderly and disabled, it should be a concern for all. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 235,000 people over the age of 15 visit A&E as a result of a bathroom-related injury every single year.

Who would have thought that one of the smallest rooms within our homes could be the most dangerous? Before and during the wet room installation process, make sure you protect your clients by offering some of the following advice to improve wetroom safety.

Wetroom lighting

Naturally, trips and falls are more likely to occur in the dark, or during the night. To combat this, encourage your client to opt for adequate wet room lighting that strikes the perfect balance between safety and aesthetics. Whilst mood lighting is perfect for relaxing baths in the evenings, if functional lighting isn’t considered for everyday use, the chances of accidents occurring increases.Why not suggest task lighting to your client? Installing spotlights above the shower or around the mirror are great options.

For those dark nights, low-level automatic lighting is also excellent. These light the room just enough to highlight tripping hazards, without having to switch on the main lights which can be a little too stark in the middle of the night. If that doesn’t appeal to your client, there are various other lighting effects which can be used to better suit their requirements.

Don’t slip!

Don’t slip up by missing this tip! Installing anti-slip flooring is a must-have in wet rooms designed with safety in mind. This is especially important when catering for the disabled or elderly. From vinyl to rubber, there are a few options out there which are suitable. If your client doesn’t want to part from the aesthetics of a tiled floor, there are various other anti-stop solutions and accessories they can use such as non-slip mats, or tiles in the bath or shower.

Correct cleaning and aftercare

With proper aftercare and maintenance, a wetroom can last a lifetime, using the correct cleaning and aftercare process of course. However, some cleaning fluids can leave a slippy residue on bathtubs and showers, causing a slipping hazard. To help avoid this, make sure that any cleaning fluids that are used are thoroughly washed off prior to use. On the other hand, failing to clean your bathroom can also be dangerous. Not only is mould and mildew hazardous to our health, but soap scum can be really quite slippery, again increasing the chances of accidents occurring.

Avoid bathmats

Fluffy bathmats might look pretty, but they are also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Mould thrives in warm and damp conditions, and not only does it smell fusty, but it also poses various hazards to our health. Bathmats are also one of the main causes of falls in the home. If your client is adamant about the use of bathmats, encourage them to secure them down or use slip-resistant backings. They should also be washed regularly to avoid mould and mildew build-up.

Installing an adjustable shower head

One of the key benefits of wetrooms is the flexibility in design and functionality. This means that the room can be truly catered to the individual. If the wetroom is for those with mobility difficulties or the elderly, suggest the installation of an adjustable or handheld showerhead. Doing so means that the shower can easily be manoeuvred to where a person wants it, minimising movement within the shower. There are various other adjustments that can be made to a wet room to make it accessible for the disabled and elderly to make it just right for your client.

Put the safety of your clients first, and create a wetroom that is best suited to their needs. Find out more about our range of wet room kits and available products.

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