Square Wet Room Drain

There are many different types of wet room shower drains available, it can be difficult to know which is the best option for your project. This page will give you all the information on square wet room drains you need to know.. 

Square wet room drains, also known as centre point drainage and floor gullies, are ideal for use as shower drains, wash room drains and for secondary drainage in changing rooms. We offer a wide range of square wet room drains with stainless steel grates, coloured grates and tile inserts. This drain type is ideal for use in both domestic and commercial wet room environments. 


Types of Square Wet Room Drains


Unidrain Square


Unidrain Square Muti Direction Outlet

The Unidrain Square Wet Room Drain is a stainless steel wet room shower drain with discreet minimalist gratings and a tiled finish. It is ideal for showers and secondary drainage outside of the shower area to protect against floods and to make the cleaning easier in bathrooms, utility rooms or kitchens.  Unidrain Square is a high performance floor gully and has a capacity of 46ltrs-84ltrs per minute depending on the outlet.  Suitable for both wooden and concrete floor construction Unidrain Square has large flanges in which to attached the waterproofing membrane.  




SharpDrain V


The SharpDrain V is a wet room drain suitable for both tiles, stone and vinyl.  Ideal for both wooden and concrete floors, this floor gully provides vertical drainage and has a capacity of 48ltr per minute.  SharpDrain V has an anti-odour mechanical trap which ensures that there will never be any foul smells.  SharpDrain V is available with a full range of stainless steel grates, tiled insert and four PVD finished colours, Black, Brass, Nickel, Bronze.


SharpDrain H


SharpDrain H

SharpDrain Square is a low profile drain that only requires 76mm floor depth making it perfect for wet rooms that have a shallow floor depth. It offers complete flexibility as you can place the drain anywhere away from the wall and can be rotated 360° for easy pipework connection. SharpDrain Square is available as frame and grate as well as a choice of coloured panels in Black, Bronze, Brass and Nickel which can also be used as tile inserts.  The SharpDrain H can be used with both tiles, stone and vinyl floor finishes.

Take a look at all our full range of wet room products for your project. From wet room kits, to our extensive range of wet room drains, we’re confident you’ll find the right fit for your project. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions! We will be more than happy to help out.

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