Riverwalk Residential


A twisting and turning piece of architecture that reflects the form of the river below. The 116 luxury apartments stand high above the River Thames, located at the gateway to Westminster.

Location: London

Completed: 2016

Sector: Residential

Regarded as London’s finest riverfront residences, Riverwalk is a unique development on the River Thames the heart of London. Working with the architect and developer, Wetroom Materiaat ls specified and supplied over 300 wet room systems of the highest quality. Working with all parties from specification to completion, we ensured the correct products were used and installed as required.

The challenge

The architects and interior designers of the Riverwalk project wanted to create an identity that would serve justice to the iconic location of the residential structure. WM Wetroom Materials were asked to provide a drainage solution that would be in keeping with the building’s image.

All drainage options would have to be decided while considering the tiling process to allow for the tile contractor to ensure suitable tile packages were used. Extra precautions were needed to allow for easy installation and construction of the floor foundations, whilst accommodating the specified shower heads. It was essential that the wet room drainage was to be able to carry 40ltrs per minute whilst only having 1 outlet.

The solution

The drainage solutions used included only one outlet per drain. To meet the minimum requirement of 40ltrs per minute, we opted for our high-capacity drainage solutions that can carry 52ltrs of water per minute. This allowed for a high volume of water to be displaced from the showers and removed effectively and efficiently by the drainage channel.

The installation process was made easier by the use of drain units with only a singular outlet position. A ClassicLine drain finish was chosen to complete the wet room design. The simple design of the drain cover provides a minimalistic and traditional wet room look. The robust and durable stainless steel material used to create the product ensures the longevity of the project.

Working closely with the architect, developer and tile contractor throughout the entirety of the project, WM specified and supplied over 300 professional-grade wet room systems to the Riverwalk project. We worked alongside all parties to ensure that the corrects products, procedures, and materials were used in the making of the Riverwalk wet rooms.

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