10th December 2020

The Benefits Of Wetrooms To You And Your Clients

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Post by Wetroom Materials

Wet rooms have grown hugely in popularity recently, both as an interior design statement and for the additional convenience they provide. As a versatile, space-saving bathroom solution, wet rooms provide an open plan shower area with level floor access. The shower drain is installed directly into a gently sloping floor and to keep the wet room entirely watertight the room is tanked. Tiling and accessories are then fitted to create the perfect high-end look that can be tailored to fit your client’s interior tastes. Wet rooms are perfect for a minimalist, contemporary and practical bathroom solution. There are many benefits to installing a wet room in your client’s homes…

Increase the value of your client’s property

Incorporating a luxury wet room into the primary bathroom of your client’s home, or installing a wet room in place of a traditional shower room, can add substantial desirability to a home and increase the value of the property by up to £10,000.

At home luxury

Wet rooms provide an at-home five-star hotel experience, with wall to wall stylish tiling, polished glass and modern accessories. The wet room design and tiling can be customised to meet your client’s expectations with a huge range of design choices available there is something to fit the tastes, size and needs of your client’s home. 

Flexible Layout & Design

Wet rooms create a spacious and open plan feel, even in smaller bathrooms. They are therefore an ideal bathroom replacement in awkwardly shaped spaces where a cubicle would not be practical. The flexibility within wet room design allows you to be highly creative with the layout and make the most of your client’s bathroom space. 

Leak Free

Conventional shower tray units are prone to leaks as grout and mastic degrades. With wet rooms, the entire room is professionally tanked to waterproof the floors and walls. This effectively seals the entire room against leaks, making wet rooms ideal for installation on any floor of the house.

Accessibility for the whole family

Wet rooms provide great accessibility to the whole family. With floor level access and no steps, they are a great solution for children, the elderley as well as those with mobility issues.  Younger children often require assistance in the shower, and a wet room makes it easier to access the shower space as required, without soaking the bathroom. The floor of the wet room splash area is subtly sloped to a gradient which allows the water to seep away, while the remaining areas of the bathroom remain entirely level. The low profile design means there are no steps to navigate.

We support Architects

When you recommend Wet Room Materials to your clients you are choosing a company with extensive experience in wet room installations. Each of our wet room kits and accessories is created to provide high functioning and aesthetically pleasing results. We aim to delight and inspire our clients and we take extreme pride in offering exceptional quality products.

Our wet room package:

Choosing our installation package provides a seamless service for both you and your clients, including all the following benefits: 

  • Technical support 
  • Complete solution 
  • Technical Advice CAD Files & 3D BIM 
  • Riba Site Survey 
  • Provision of superior quality, stylish wet room drain 
  • Creation of the slopes to suit each individual shower area and room design 
  • Reinforcement to weak, or potentially weak areas in the wet room 
  • Application of appropriate tanking membrane to wet zones 
  • A 10 year no leak guarantee

You should take advantage of the growing demand for wet rooms to create a beautiful bathroom for your clients. If you need any help choosing the best option for your clients then get in touch with us today and find out how we can help with your wet room installation. 

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