20th September 2019

Can Anyone Have a Wet Room?

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There is a growing demand for wetrooms in the UK, not only in the commercial sector but also in the domestic sector. People are wanting to recreate the feelings of luxury, indulgence and spaciousness that they get in hotels within their own homes, and why not! That’s not to mention the value that a wetroom can add to your property. But can anyone have a wet room? What factors are important for both you and your client to consider before going ahead? Find out the answers in the post below.

Limited On Space?

By no means does working with limited space mean that a wetroom isn’t a suitable addition to a client’s home. However what it does mean is that the layout, design and placement of elements will need to be done carefully, and in a way that compliments the space, rather than overcrowds it.

When we think about the ideal shaped room when it comes to installing a wet room in a small space, square-shaped rooms may come to mind. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, even the smallest of spaces (including underneath the stairs!) can be converted to a wet room. This is because wet rooms can be of any shape and size, making them extremely versatile. Don’t be scared to get really imaginative with your designs and plans.

Plenty Of Space?

If you have an abundance of space to work with – the world is your oyster. In some ways, there is more to think about from a design perspective in order to make the most out of the space and create a wetroom that is in line with your client’s expectations. Some of the questions to think about are; will the shower space be the focal point of the room? Or, will you put this down one side of the room and leave space for a bath on the other side? What layout will allow light to flow freely around the room? How can you optimise the space to avoid elements looking lost? It’s important to think about all these questions, whilst also incorporating your client’s need to ensure that you exceed their expectations.


As we’ve discussed in greater detail above, effective wetroom design and planning relies heavily on making the most of available space. Believe it or not, wet room drains form a huge part of this process. Whilst most clients may be in favour of the almost invisible drains they see in hotels, this type of drainage is not always practical, especially in a domestic property. Did you know that the majority of wet room problems arise as a result of ill-considered drainage?

Whilst design and the overall finish is important when choosing a wetroom drain, make sure to also think about:

  • Drain position;
  • Floor depth;
  • Floor slopes; and
  • Drain design.

You can find out more about the nightmare of wet room drain failures if you fail to select adequate drainage here.


Tanking, or waterproofing as it is more commonly known, is the process of adding in an extra layer of waterproof protection between the walls and floor to reduce the likelihood of leaks and water damage. So whether you are working with a large or small space, it is important that the entirety of the space is tanked, not just the key areas for the shower. Failing to do so can lead to large amounts of water damage on your client’s property – resulting in costly repairs. Find out more about the importance of tanking a wet room correctly to avoid making these mistakes.


So whilst it turns out that pretty much anyone can have a wetroom, of course one of the largest factors to consider to the available budget. How much does a wetroom cost? Whilst adding value and luxury to a home, high-quality wet rooms come at a cost. It’s reasonable to assume that a starting cost will be in the region of £5,000 and the upper end totally depends to a large extent on the size (think floor and wall tiles at about £50 per square metre). Make sure that a wetroom is within your client’s budget, and suggest where to cut costs to best work within their budget, without compromising on durability and luxury.

So the answer to the question, ‘can anyone have a wetroom’ is yes! Providing the client has the available budget, and is willing to invest in drainage and tanking to ensure longevity, you are good to go. If you want to find out more about our wet room kits, you can view the range on our products pages.

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