19th November 2019

Using Lighting Effects in Wetrooms

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When getting started on the process of designing a wet room, the wet room kit, drain and tile selections are likely to come to mind first; pushing the choice of lighting to the side. In fact, wet room lighting and its placement has a huge impact on the ambience of the room, as well as the functionality and overall aesthetic of a wetroom. There is a huge range of lighting available to choose from, allowing you to be really creative with the overall effect you create. Take a read of the below post to see how you can use lighting effects in wetrooms to spark interest in your clients!

Natural Lighting

Before you start to plan what lighting to use and where this will go in the wetroom, it’s key to assess the levels of natural lighting available in the room. It’s well known that natural light helps to improve our mood, and it can also enhance productivity. Maximise any sources of natural lighting, with strategic placements of mirrors to bounce light around the room.

Whilst one of the key benefits of wet rooms is that they can fit in even the smallest of spaces (just about anywhere!), this does mean that there isn’t always a natural light source available. With windowless bathrooms on the rise, putting thought into how to replicate natural light is key. Continue reading this post to see what lighting effects you can use to combat a lack of natural light, or see how to enhance natural light sources with creative lighting features.

Colour Changing Lights

A growing trend in the world of wetrooms is the introduction of colour changing lights. This can be in the form of led strip lighting, to highlight certain features of the room such as a freestanding bath, or used as spotlighting for a more intense effect. The colours and undertone of the lighting can be used to completely transform the ambience of a room.

The flexibility of colour changing lights is one of their main appeals, your client could decide to use daylight white lighting to start off their day, helping them to apply their cosmetics in perfect lighting and also kickstart their productivity. Then at the end of their day, they can wind down in their luxurious wet room with beautiful blue lighting, helping them to relax and refresh. Colour changing lights are perfect for clients who like their wetroom to be multifunctional.

Ambient, Task or Accent Lighting?

Before you can decide on the type of lighting, you need to understand what your client needs from their wetroom and combine this with your eye for design. Ambient lighting should be used to light the room as a whole, and as we’ve discussed above this could be through-coloured lighting or general lighting that compliments the level of natural light in the room.

Next, it’s important to think about task lighting which helps to make the wetroom a more functional space for your client. This could be through spotlights above their shower, where perhaps ambient lighting isn’t sufficient enough on its own. Or, introducing daylight white lighting around the bathroom mirror to make the process of getting ready easier.

Finally, accent lighting – where your expertise really comes in! What features within the wetroom should be made to stand out with lighting? Could it be low-level lighting to show off the beautiful fixtures or fittings, or in-cupboard lighting to highlight their cosmetics collection? How about wall or ceiling mounted lighting around the showering area to make this a stand out feature? Recessed lighting options are available to create a more seamless effect.

There is a range of creative lighting effects you can use to complement your client’s new wetroom, don’t forget the right accessories for that perfect finish!

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