9th March 2018

How To Convince Clients About The Wet Room System Advantages?

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Post by Wetroom Materials

The concept of a wet rooms is to convert the utilitarian functionality of a standard bathroom into an indulgence and therapeutic showering experience. A wet room adds enormous luxury to both overnight hotel guests and home owners on a daily basis. Our wet room systems embody all that is great about the wet room experience into a readily duplicable installation that delivers everything you desire of a shower area.

Great Design Work

When planning a wet room design and the components that are included, we adopt an approach of 51% functionality and 49% design. By this, we mean that anything that looks aesthetically pleasing must first achieve a level of functionality. Our wet room systems and solutions accentuate the individual component’s attributes, working in unity to create a perfectly designed showering area. With a strong foundation of a wet room, the visual design can then take shape through drain finishes, glass panels and bathroom accessories. By adopting this approach, we can be certain that both the aesthetics and functionality of the wet room can be of the highest standard.

Guaranteed Waterproof

People do harbour genuine fears regarding the possibility of leaks and subsequent damage to property. In fact, those types of problems mainly arise through installation by inexperienced people with lack of competence. Installing a wet room is a specialized job. Dealing with professionals like Wet Room Materials, removes the likelihood of leaks. In addition, wet room systems include thorough preparation and tanking of the complete area before any tiling or sanitary ware is installed. We follow the Danish approved waterproofing recommendations and regulations as they are of the highest standard; resulting in quality waterproofing installation.

Tried & Trusted Components

Our wet room system components display ingenious design. Like our Unislope pre-formed boards that incorporate a built-in slope of the correct gradient for any wet room area; it only requires cutting to the correct dimensions. Once installed, the process of tanking is carried out, made up of three different components that ensure a secure and tight waterproofing seal. This means there are no joints that present risk of leaking. The low profile drain systems that can be set against a wall rather than in the middle of the floor looks great as well as being highly functional and simplistic.

Especially for hotels

The Style & Visual Appeal Enhances Your Brand

What stands out initially about our wet room systems is the eye-catching design. The wow factor is up front, which grabs the imagination immediately. Modern design with a Scandinavian slant, sets our systems apart from the everyday wet room. Giving a sense of luxury and pampering but providing a strong durable and long lasting design.

Cost Effective Luxury Finish

Our wet room systems do look a million dollars but are truly cost effective. In a highly competitive market, you want your hotel to have the extra edge that makes every stay memorable. The sheer pleasure of our wet room system experience provides a return on investment that is very real.

Choosing Wet Room Materials also means that installation time is minimized because the components are ready made, needing only to be cut to size and fitted into place. Because our installers are experts, no time is wasted and they get it right first time. Our system components can generate considerable labour cost savings by increasing productivity on large scale developments; this also assists in completing projects to a tight time scale.

Level Floor Access and Disability Access

Wet rooms lend themselves to easy adaptability for wheelchair access and features to assist users with a disability. Wet room systems can easily be duplicated once the basic essentials have been defined, meaning time can be saved when working on multiple wet rooms with disability access.

Faster Maintenance Than Conventional Bathrooms

This speeds up room turnaround times and reduces housekeeping costs by increasing productivity. A few minutes per wet room saved multiplied by the total rooms, every day for a year does add up to a worthwhile saving. The sleek design of our wet room systems means fewer awkward surfaces to wipe down.

Find out more by downloading our free ebook: The Architects Wet Room Design Guide by clicking here.

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