16th March 2018

Contemporary Wet Room Designs With The “WOW” Factor!

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Post by Wetroom Materials

When it comes to designing a practical, functional and inspirational wet room, it’s good to do a little research before hand so you know which creative direction you want to head in. You can help the process along by browsing through our product range on this website. Achieving a stunning contemporary wet room with the added assurance of a leak free installation is easy when you opt for a wet room provided under the care of specialists Wet Room Materials. We would love to work with you to create a modern wet room design of your dreams… Here are our three most popular highlights we have chosen from the many presented by our range:

1) Scandinavian styling

scandinavian wet room design image inspiration

The words “modern” and “sleek” spring to mind immediately when you cast your eye over the Scandinavian inspired design of the Wet Room Materials range. A wet room should be uncluttered and unfussy, however achieving that is not always as easy, as you need to be careful it isn’t reduced down to a bland and boring experience.

Describing a visual experience in words never does justice to the subject matter. Our high quality systems and wet room kits are the platform on which to build with architectural imagination and skill. By removing unattractive intrusions such as drain holes in the middle of the floor, unsightly frames and minimising unnecessary grout lines, the canvas is readily prepared. Add in an unobtrusive and elegant shower with complimentary sanitary ware to complete the contemporary bathroom look you want to achieve.

2) Glass

glass in wetroom materials design inspiration

Walls and stud partitions darken any bathroom space. One of the ‘wow’ factors of a great wet room design is the same as for any other room – the aesthetic of light and space. It’s uplifting when it’s done correctly and is the primary impression that a visitor will subliminally absorb in the split second after they enter your wet room, and first impressions really count. Lighting options and glass are the two factors that you have at your disposal. Glass serves two main functions – the practical one of controlling water flow from the shower head to the area you want, and the visual design element of keeping the glass itself effectively invisible to create a modern and stylish wet room bathroom.

Our Glassline system provides a perfect clean integrated solution. The stainless steel profile is bonded to a 10mm glass panel with no joints, providing a seamless, secure system to attach the glass to both the wall and floor with no visible fixings.

The glass is specially treated to make it water repellent. See the full range of wetroom/bathroom accessories available and read more about the benefits of Glassline.

3) Wall Mounted Linear Drains

wet room wall mounted drains

Rounding off the sleek contemporary look means having no “ugly hole in the middle of the floor” that you sometimes stand on when showering. It can destroy the full pampering tactile experience that a great wet room bathroom offers. Linear drains can be invisible, they can be placed anywhere in the shower area and do not have to be in the middle of the floor. The most popular and superior solution is the wall mounted linear drain. It is positioned up against the wall of the shower area so that it is not underfoot to any degree.

It also makes creating the floor gradient quite straightforward as only one slope, in one direction is required. This enables you to use large format tiles and reduce the amount of grout lines. Functionality is in no way hindered, as it drains from a rate of 54 litres per minutes through its 50mm outlet. Should you choose to place your drain up against the wall it is important to selection the style as not all drains are approved for this installation.

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As a quick next step, we suggest you go and read our blog 5 Ideas For Creating A Wet Room. This goes into more detail about designing and planning for a wet room. If you would like to speak to one of our team about your options, or to find out more about our products and design ideas, call the appropriate number at the top of the page or visit our contact information page.

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