23rd July 2019

How To Save Space In A Wet Room Design

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In the past, we’ve written about how to lay out a wet room, which contains all the information you need to know on how to design the optimal layout for a wet room based on the shape of that room. However, the shape of the room available is only half of the battle, what happens when you’re working with limited space? Or perhaps your client wants somethings as clean and minimal as possible. Use the advice in this guide to inspire you to save space in a wet room design for your clients.

Use Smaller Fixtures

This is perhaps one of the more obvious suggestions, but use smaller fixtures and fittings throughout the wet room. When designing your client’s wetroom, it’s important to take your measurements correctly to understand what layout and size of fixtures will work best in the space available. As beautiful as some of the larger wet room showers are, if they’re too big, they will lose that beauty and elegance. When it comes to choosing your wet room kit go for something smaller, and that better makes use of the available space. The same applies to your choice of wet room drain. You could even advise that your client opts for a hover or pedestal sink with a cabinet above so that space is saved below it, in turn making the room appear more spacious.

Using Glass & Mirrors

Glass and mirrors become your best friends when working with a smaller space; creating a much greater sense of spaciousness. If you’re working with a square or rectangular shaped room, consider using glass to partition the wet room. This will allow you to create a different ‘zone’ without having to use a hard wall which will make the room look even smaller. What’s more, mirrors help to bounce both natural and artificial light around the room. You can cleverly place mirrors on opposite walls to make the space look much larger.

Use Of Accessories & Storage Solutions

Saving space isn’t just down to your choice of wet room layout and where you put the big fixtures. You can easily help to save space by integrating storage solutions and by making use of the appropriate wetroom accessories. From corner cabinets to save floor space, to having an in-built shelf in the wet room shower, you can integrate handy space-saving units and design features that work for your client and their taste.

Colours & Materials

Whilst your choice of colours and materials won’t physically save space, when you choose the right colours and materials you can help to create the illusion of space. Whilst the choice is ultimately up to your client, advise them to stay away using too many dark colours as these will make it feel enclosed. Instead, advise them to use natural colours for tiles, flooring and walls as this will help to create a more airy feel throughout. That doesn’t mean their wetroom has to be boring, encourage the use of accessories or a few statement tiles to introduce a splash of colour and to add intrigue to the space.


It can be difficult to know how to choose the right lighting for your wet room, however, when you’re looking to save space, and make the most of the room you have, there are certain types of lighting that are more suitable than others. Spotlights are space-saving and blend into a wet room seamlessly. They are also excellent when it comes to highlighting areas which need extra light. If you opt for one central light, it can make the ceiling appear lower and will also create dark corners in your bathroom, making the wet room look and feel smaller.

Using a mixture of the above tips will really help you to save space in a wet room, and make better use of the space you have available. Deliver a wet room design that not only meets but exceeds your clients’ expectations.

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