25th March 2019

Integrating Smart Technology Into Your Wet Rooms

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The world is moving forward at an incredible pace, with technological advancements being made every day that affect all parts of our lives. Whether things are being done bigger, better, faster or it simply removes an inconvenience technology is everywhere now. So, surely it should start to be included in your wet room designs? Find out what smart technology is available that can revolutionize the way we design, build and use wet rooms.

Smart Showers

Often the most prominent feature of a bathroom, showers have already got a colossal range of designs and plumbing systems. Whether you prefer to include mixer showers or electric showers in your designs and plans, there are shower options to fit every budget and style choice. But lately, something has come into the market that will raise the standards and set the bar for the future: Smart showers.

But why should you care about smart showers? Well, not only do they look so much more futuristic than current showers, but they also make showering a unique experience and not just a necessity. With the ability to control water temperature down to the degree, showering was never so hassling free. Intuitive digital displays can provide a personalisation factor that just isn’t possible with current showers. And to top it all off you can control smart showers remotely! Imagine not having to get out of your warm bed and wait in the cold for your morning shower to warm up before getting in it, instead just turning it on from your phone!

Smart Mirrors

One of the biggest advancements of technology lies within voice assistants and virtual assistants like Google, Siri & Cortana. What might have seemed impossible in the first Iron Man film with the likes of Jarvis is today’s reality! But these assistants aren’t limited to tiny hubs and screens placed conveniently in your home, you can now buy everyday items with these technologies built directly into them, including mirrors! Now you can get all the information you need whilst you get ready in the morning! From traffic updates on your way to work to weather forecasts and even making a call, a smart mirror can handle all of it.

Invigorating The Senses

We all like to treat ourselves to a nice bubble bath after a long day at work (even men like a little pamper session sometimes). But these me-time sessions can be made even more enjoyable with the inclusion of ambient lighting and sound. Designing wetrooms to include led lighting strips under surfaces to provide something that can really set the mood and hidden speakers to amplify this with ambience can elevate your wetroom designs to the next level. Forget candles and a glass of wine, the future is a sound and light show!

Going Contactless

Remember how exciting shopping felt when you got your first contactless card? Imagine being able to recreate that feeling every time you go to wash your hands in a brand new wetroom. Motion sensor taps are common in the commercial setting, but they are still new and waiting to be used in the domestic environment. Whilst the actual technology allowing motion sensing is nothing new, it can be implemented in ways that revolutionize the wetroom experience. If you want to take it a step further, having automatic lighting can also create a seamless experience whenever your customer wants to use their new wetroom, making every shower, wash and use even more special.

Underfloor Heating & Smart Temperature Management

Nobody likes having to get out of your warm shower and into the cold, especially not in winter. Why not consider designing your wetroom to include underfloor heating and integrate it with other smart technologies like a smart thermostat? This means the wet rooms you design are always warm and cost-effective, thanks to remote access thermostats that are becoming increasingly popular.

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