17th May 2018

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Wet room drains are the unsung champions of great wet room design, especially concealed drains. One can easily forget their pivotal importance in quickly and efficiently draining the water that is pumped through a wet room shower system. It’s not only the adequate capacity to cope with the expected volume (with some to spare) but the robustness and build quality to cope with weight and pressure. Therefore, when those desirable characteristics are combined with pleasing aesthetics that make your drain almost invisible, the old ugly “hole in the floor” under your feet has disappeared forever.

The Unidrain Advantage

Unidrain specialise in shower drainage systems. That gives them a head start over other suppliers in that the company’s primary focus is on a single product type, which delivers excellence in all aspects. The concept of linear drains mounted against the shower wall (as opposed to a rectangular grating in the middle of the floor) was invented in 2003 and won multiple design awards since then. What it means is that Unidrain systems work, and work very well indeed. The range consists both of wall mounted and centre floor options as well as customisable designs, all of which are guaranteed leakproof.

Designs and new concepts are constantly on the drawing boards but the core range consists of these 6 products:

Wall Mounted Linear Drain – this is the original patented design that is installed at the base of the shower wall and is flush with the floor so that it is practically invisible. It collects water from its entire length and directs it to the concealed central underfloor drain outlet unit.

Low Profile Linear Drain – perfect for installations with shallow floor depth, this model requires only 64mm.

Centre Linear Drain – this design is very similar to the wall mounted linear drain but, of course, is not mounted on the wall but is installed in any location you choose. For example, it could serve as an additional threshold drain to provide additional precautions against water egress from the shower area.

Bespoke Linear Drain – some wet room designs demand greater drainage capacity than the standard layouts and this is where the great advantage of Unidrain enters the plan. Linear drains can be constructed to a range of lengths to suit any project.

Corner Drain – corner units are a great choice for smaller bathrooms or shower areas. They are unobtrusive underfoot and highly efficient at removing water flow.

Centre Square Drain – to supply all design requirements and for instances where a linear drain is either impractical or undesirable for whatever reason, this unit is somewhat akin to the conventional centre floor drain but far more stylish. They can also serve as additional safeguards in a large wet room.

Take The Next Step

Architects, developers and interior designers owe it to themselves to understand the desirable aesthetics that the clean lines of Unidrain products add to any wet room design. Start by downloading our free eBook The Architects Wet Room Design Guide which goes into much more detail about the real benefits of Unidrain wet room drains.

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