16th July 2021

Wet Room Bathroom Tiling Trends 2023/24

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Are you looking for bathroom tiling ideas for your wetroom?

Tiles have been a staple within bathroom interiors for centuries, and even though we’ve seen tiling trends evolve to more modern designs, we also still see some very popular traditional designs that create a wow factor in wet rooms and shower rooms. Your choice of tile can really make or break a wet room, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. With so many different colours, prints, shapes, patterns and finishes to choose from, the selection seems endless.

Choosing the best tiles for wetrooms can be difficult, but it can help to try and visualise the space before you commit to any particular design. You need to remember that your choice of tile will likely last a lifetime in your wetroom, so the key is to choose a design that will look good for years to come. We take a look at the wet room tiling trends for 2023/2024, where we look at everything from wet room mosaic floor tiles to modern grey stone wet room tiles.

But first… Selecting the right type of tiles

When it comes to choosing your shower room tiles, it’s not just about the colour or pattern, you need to pick the right ones for the job. The tiles must also be compatible with your wet room’s drainage style. Walls and floor tiles don’t necessarily need to be the same, some people like to switch it up with different colours and textures and some like to keep it consistent throughout the room.

Practicality and suitability lie in the tile material and finish. Porcelain tiles remain the best tile option as they absorb the least amount of water.

Best tiles for wet room floors:

  • Porcelain tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Natural stone tiles (marble, granite, limestone, slate and travertine)
Best tiles for wet room walls:

  • Ceramic hydraulic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Natural stone tiles (marble, granite, limestone, slate and travertine)

Wet Room & Bathroom Tile Trends 2023/2024

> Herringbone tiles

herringbone tiling in a wetroom

The Herringbone tile pattern or ‘fish-scale’ pattern remains a popular choice for wet rooms. This can be achieved by laying rectangular tiles on the wall or floor in a pattern similar to the skeleton of a Herring fish. This trend is actually not the tile style in particular, but the way the tiles are laid. You are not restricted when it comes to variations of long rectangular tiles, with everything from bold colours, to neutral tones or stone effect tiles.

> Victorian tiles

victorian tiles for bathroom wet room design

Victorian tiles are a traditional favourite in the bathroom, especially in period buildings with a bit of history. Add a pop of pattern on your walls, floor or as a feature section in your wetroom with a beautiful set of traditional patterned tiles – with so many different types to choose from you’ll definitely find something that fits the bill.

> Wood effect tiles

wood tiles in a wet room bathroom

As you can imagine, wood isn’t the best material for wet rooms, but behold… wood tiles are perfect! Get the same effect without all the hassle with wood effect tiles, they look stunning in every kind of property and bring a bit of nature indoors to create a natural and calming room. There are so many different types of wood tiles to choose from, including brown, cream and grey wood-effect options!

> Moroccan style tiles

morrocan tiles in wet room bathroom

Known for their vibrant and quirky colours, patterns and textures, Moroccan style tiles are one of the most significant trends of 2023/2024. The exotic and unique appearance of Moroccan tiles are great if you are looking for something a bit different for your wet room design, stepping out of the norm of the traditional British bathroom.

> Concrete/Industrial effect tiles

concrete tiles in wet room

A key trend that has been brought into 2023 and will continue way into the future is the industrial-look concrete effect interior. The various textures, shades and finishes emulating worn concrete are perfect for your wet room and provide a stunning contrast. Destressed, matt or urban looking tiles are not only chic and modern but they give you a wide range of choice when it comes to styling the room. Suitable for both modern and traditional decor.

> Marble effect tiles

marble tiles in bathoom wet room

Marble is a key style we see in a lot of luxury and high end interior design practices. Marble tiles do not always have to come with a big price tag, you can opt for marble effect tiles to add opulence to your bathroom or wetroom. Be bold; marble effect tiles come in all different sizes, shapes, colours and patterns, so you are not restricted when it comes to marble designs.

> Grey stone-effect tiles

grey tiles in wet room inspiration

Grey stone-effect tiles are a popular and timeless choice for any wet room or shower room. The neutral shades of grey stone create a classic look for use on both walls and floors, and emulate a tranquil, spa-like bathroom feel that doesn’t go out of style. Whether you are adding grey stone tiles as part of a feature wall or covering the entire wet room, grey is the perfect and safe choice for your shower room.

> Dark wet room tiles

dark tiles in wet room inspiration

Fancy venturing into the dark side? Dramatic dark hues create a ultra-chic wet room, and can surprisingly open up a small space. Dark greys and black tiles are dramatic, but don’t always have to create too much of a scene; they can be styled with bright, colourful or wooden furniture and accessories. Dark wet room tiles are perfect for those looking to design a relaxing and stylish space, whilst also creating a real wow-factor.

> Mosaic wet room tiles

mosaic tiles inspiration

Mosaic tiles can really bring your wetroom to life. Not only do they look great, but they are really practical for wet room floors as grout lines between the tiles create a great grip in wet areas. Mosaic tiles don’t have to be subtle, you can introduce bright and bold mosaic tiles for an eye-catching bathroom feature wall or floor.

Things to remember when tiling a wet room

Tiling a wetroom is actually one of the final stages of installation, and there are several factors you need to consider before laying your choice of tiles on the walls and floors. The cost of fixing a tiling disaster can be expensive, because it may mean that the entire installation needs to be completely uninstalled and reinstalled.

To avoid the most common tiling issues, make sure you read our Do’s and Don’ts of Tiling a Wet Room.

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