15th January 2019

What Colour Wet Room Is Best For A Smaller Bathroom?

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Does the bathroom space you or your client need to work with present constraints regarding area available space? Thankfully, wet rooms are possible even in smaller bathroom spaces. Whether for luxury developments, hotels, or new-build homes, here are some tips on how to maximise that vital space.


Reflective surfaces always make a space feel bigger. The “Old Mirror Trick”, as it is known, has been around since the Renaissance, and is a tried and tested way of adding extra square feet, height, and light.

Today, thankfully, we no longer rely upon mirrors. Instead, gloss surfaces reflect light to achieve the same effect.

In a narrow or cramped bathroom, opt for shiny wet room tiles that give off a dazzling glow. It is the finish rather the colour that matters, although the lighter the colour, the bigger the space will feel.

Embrace the light

Visually expanding a space is easily achievable with the right hue. White, as we all know, can be overbearing – especially in the bathroom. Interior designers have poured their creative attention into researching this detail, and the official verdict is to opt for something slightly left of white.

Picture smoky clouds, foggy mornings, ancient stones, and saturated alabaster and you’re on the right trajectory.

Bring the outdoors inside and you will open the space with a natural, calming, expansive solution.

Go for calm

Small spaces are claustrophobic. If you’re working with one, look for ways to tone it down. Moody ocean colours are a natural choice, and these can be augmented with subtle lighting.

Coastal fog, oyster pearl, and satin finishes are all set to bring an air of freshness into a small wet room.

An insider trick here is to continue the wall colouring into the trim, which boosts the space. The eye follows the colour without the interruption of the trim, giving the impression that the room is larger.

Love the indigo

A decade ago, indigo and grey had no place on any colour chart. Today, we know better.

Indigo is an ancient colour. Officially recognised as one of the seven colours of the rainbow, it is a naturally occurring hue from the delightful Indigofera tinctoria plant, which has been brightening our landscape since time immemorial.

Exactly 270 degrees between blue and purple, indigo is “the” in-colour for accenting small spaces. Pulling a little from blue, a little from purple, and a little from grey, indigo is a gentle way to splash colour without overwhelming a space.

Orange blossom

If ocean hues aren’t your thing, turn your eyes to the dawn of spring. Any colour with a light reflectance of 50 or above will enhance your space, but this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a foggy morning.

Blossom trees invoke delicate tones that reflect light. Whether you want tangerines, cherries, or wisteria, careful use of spring colours will open up any room.

Try accenting these colours naturally rather than overwhelming them. A recessed focus offset by an ornament will breathe life into a small space.

Closing thoughts

With innovations in wet room design, there has never been more choice regarding the colour of wet rooms. When it comes to small spaces, colour and tone are everything. Natural, calm, and refreshing are the order of the day!

For more ideas and information, take a look at our guide. Or, to chat to one of our team, get in touch! We’d love to hear about your project, and to advise on how to move forwards.

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