3rd November 2020

What is a Wet Room?

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What is a wet room?

A wet room is a fully waterproofed and tanked bathroom without a separate shower tray, so you have an open, completely tiled shower room all on one level flooring. Wet rooms eliminate the need of a glass screen, although some people choose to include one in their wet room for cosmetic purposes or to prevent water getting sprayed across the other fixtures by preference – but everything within a wet room is waterproofed, from the ceiling to the floors.

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How does it differ from a walk-in shower?

The difference between a walk in shower and a wet room is that a walk in shower typically features a low level shower tray installed into the floor and one or two glass screens or doors to separate it from the rest of the bathroom, compared to a wet room where the water flows down a drain in the floor. The walk in shower is more like a cubicle, basically creating an independent area to wash, where the rest of the room is not suitable to be splashed with water.

Wet rooms, on the other hand, allow for the whole bathroom to be resistant to prolonged water exposure, without the need for shower doors or screens. Everything within a wet room is waterproofed, from the walls to the floors, and even the cabinets and fixtures. The floor is all one level and consistently tiled within the wetroom space, which is great for a more spacious shower experience and especially ideal for people with low mobility. If you are seeking a modern bathroom solution, a wetroom is a stylish and seamless alternative to a traditional shower suite.

What are the benefits of having a wetroom?

If you are wondering whether you should opt for a wet room, there are numerous reasons why it is a good idea and worth the money. Here are just some of the advantages of having a wet room in your property…

  • One level flooring with no raised shower tray allows for easy access
  • Provides a ‘wow’ factor to your property – providing a stylish and sophisticated look where you can enjoy spending your time, and leave a great impression on your guests
  • Ideal for those with low mobility or the elderly for accessibility reasons and the open plan allows for wheelchair access
  • Wet room kits available to purchase allows bathroom restoration processes easy and affordable
  • Perfect way to increase the value of your property
  • Improves the quality of your home with waterproofed/tanking
  • Reduces the risk of damp from your bathroom use
  • Requires less maintenance/cleaning than a normal bathroom, as they don’t have fittings like shower enclosures with framework and runners that are known to collect grime and mould easily
  • Converting an existing small bathroom into a wet room gives your space an entirely new and fresh feel which gives your property a modern refresh
  • Our wet room drains come with removable grates/tile covers for easy cleaning, as well as an internal channel which prevents stagnant water

Can any room be a wetroom?

In theory, yes. Wet rooms can be installed in just about any sized room (within reason), on the ground floor or upper floors of your property, on both flooring of timber or concrete construction. By no means does working with a limited area mean that a wetroom isn’t possible, although it does mean that the layout, design and placement of elements will need to be done carefully, in a way that compliments the space. Wetrooms are also a great solution for smaller bathrooms, as they create the illusion of more space. The best way to create a wet room in your property is to convert an existing bathroom, as it will have all of the plumbing and pipe work required to create it.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create one in just about any space. If you have an unused loft space, why not consider converting your attic into a wetroom? If you would like to do more with your loft space, or any other room in your house by turning it into a wet room, we have the tools to help. We offer a large range of wetroom kits and bathroom products as well as a nationwide installation service.

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Who can install a wet room?

There are several benefits to having a wetroom, but it’s vital that it is installed correctly the first time in order to avoid facing issues down the line. The quality of the installation should come first, and this rule should not be ignored in order to save costs or hit targets. Installing a wetroom is a job for the professionals – so if this isn’t you, then we highly recommend you find someone who is.

How much does a wet room cost?

High-quality, well built wetrooms can come at a cost, but one that definitely pays off. It’s reasonable to estimate a starting cost of around £5,000, with the upper end depending on the size of the wet room. Floor and wall tiles cost around £50 per square metre, so you need to plan for this within your set budget. It’s estimated that having a wet room can add around £10,000 to the value of your property, so it can definitely be a good investment to make.

Wet room drain systems

The water drains through a flush drain system within the shower area. The floor has to be designed with a slight gradient to channel the water into the drain. The best way to achieve this gradient is to install a sub-floor with solid performed boards which have a built in slope, which can then be tanked and waterproofed. Whether your project requires high capacity drainage or requires a low profile solution for struggling floor depths, we have a range of wet room drain outlets to suit your needs.

If you are thinking of creating a wet room in your property, or would like more information about wet rooms or our products on offer, please get in touch and we can answer all your wet room related queries.

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